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Office Furniture Warehouse is an industry leader in office furniture. We have been selling and manufacturing office furniture since 1990 and have worked with thousands of businesses all over Florida. We have the largest In Stock Office Furniture showroom in the entire state and as such, we see ourselves as advisors to businesses to make sure that they receive the best and most affordable solutions to grow their companies. 

We have a blog and also a furniture guide with in depth detail on all types of different office furniture options. >Jump to our guides here.

Want to create a comfortable, collaborative work environment? Visit the Office Furniture Warehouse website to complete your office landscape.

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North Miami Offices
South Florida Offices

Top 10 North Miami Office Locations

  North Miami is a great place to set up business and work. It has a rich work culture, great weather, and is at a convenient location to access other places in America for business.

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OFW Messina MB Executive Chair White
Office Chair

How to Replace Office Chair Wheels

How to Replace your Office Chair’s Wheels When your office chair doesn’t function properly because of damaged wheels, you should replace the damaged casters with new ones. Here’s how to go about it. Office chairs

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Jupiter Flordia Home Office
Office Furniture

How to Organize Your Desk at Work

Many clients tend to judge your character and habits by looking at how your office and desk is organized. Because of this, you need to strive and make sure your office desk gives a striking

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Jupiter Flordia Home Office
Office Chair

How To Organize Your Home Office

Working from home can be taxing if you aren’t organized properly. More people are working from home now, especially due to the unfortunate Covid-19 pandemic. The good news is,  there has been a rise in

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Friant Dash-Interra Integrated Office Cubicles & Workstations

Best Cubicle And Workstation Designs In 2021

The right cubicles and workstations can make all the difference in an office space. Office Furniture can change how your customers view your business, and the ways your employees keep safe and management engages employees.

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This is a picture of an inStock Office Chairs.
Office Furniture

Expensive Pieces of Office Furniture

Office furniture comes in all price ranges, from used to modern and then completely custom. If you’ve shopped around for office furniture that will differentiate your space, you might have found that it can be

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Guides To Office Style

Guide to Contemporary & Modern Office Furniture

Modern office furniture is typically a seamless synthesis of sleek design, contemporary texture and innovative technology. It is this sophisticated synergy that lends a sense of distinction to any up-to-date space. Influenced by modernism principles, today’s high-quality modern office furniture offers clean lines and eclectic looks.

Guide to Classic & Traditional Office Furniture

Traditional and classic office furniture conveys a look of timeless elegance. Favored as a style that will last throughout the decades, traditional office furniture is suitable for any business or industry environment. Whether furnishing an executive suite or a home office, traditional pieces can give a room an elegant, Old-World style that is simple and non-intrusive. High-quality classic furniture offers lasting durability and a tasteful appearance.