Downtown Doral Soon To Become An Urban Center

Miami is constantly reinventing itself. Doral, a suburb which lies west of Miami-Dade County, has been targeted by developers as a new urban center. According to the Miami Herald, there are plans to build a mixed-use community called Downtown Doral. The project will encompass 120 acres of land in hopes to establish Doral as a place to live, work and play.

“In Downtown Doral, we are giving the new City of Doral a heart and soul,” developer Armando Codina wrote on the Downtown Doral website. According to the source, Codina Partners invested more than a billion dollars in the project, making it its largest contribution ever. The development will hold 2,840 upscale living units, including a number of condos and rental properties. Additionally, there will be more than 1 million square feet of office space, allowing larger corporations to “rub shoulders” with startups.

When new projects are planned, a unique chance presents itself to interior design to take on a modern aesthetic. A variety of office design trends have emerged, which are based on collaboration and have been made easier to achieve through smart furniture purchases.

Urban Furniture Warehouse

Office Workstations. Multiple rows of cubicles are not suitable for an open floor plan, so opt for benching workstations in order to provide an airy feel to the room. These desks are built from multiple attached units, with the goal in mind to provide an efficient use of space. They are available in larger sections, which seat two or more people and are perfect for employees, who need extra storage and counter space, such as administrative staff members. On the other hand, contrasting workstations feature a rectangular design, which fits more people. Nonetheless, each person still has ample space to work. This option is suitable for customer service representatives, writers and even graphic designers.

Custom Office Furniture. To create a productive environment, skip the one-size-fits-all mindset of buying office furniture and instead customize the units to feature the amenities people actually need. This can also be done with traditional desks. Some models have hutches and shelving to increase the storage space. Pick those pieces, if the additional storage will help support operations.

Ergonomic Chairs. These days it is not enough to purchase task chairs for employees. Each seat needs to meet ergonomic standards to provide adequate comfort. Additionally, an ergonomic chair can conform to the posture and height of each user, which helps eliminate workplace strains.

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