GrayRobinson Law Firm To Relocate To Downtown Miami

grayrobinson law firm to relocate to downtown miami

The Downtown Miami area is opening up its arms to the GrayRobinson law firm. They operate as a full-service corporate firm and helpFortune 500 companies, entrepreneurs, and developers. The firm signed a lease for a 35,358 square foot space in the Wells Fargo Center earlier this month.

Two Tampa-based Taylor Mathis real estate agents, Brian Gale and Ryan Holtzman, negotiated the terms of the long-term lease. The two partnered with MetLife to broker the agreement with GrayRobinson. Cresa South Florida’s Barbara Liberatore Black represented the firm. According to Gale, the location is perfect for the firm’s expanding operations. “GrayRobinson is the sixth tenant we have signed at Wells Fargo Center this year with new leases topping over 90,000 square feet,” Gale said in a statement. “Wells Fargo Center, because of its location at the south side of the Brickell Bridge, has drawn a plethora of Brickell tenants across the river.”

GrayRobinson Law Firm Miami 

As the Downtown Miami area continues to attract businesses from across the country and the world, more office spaces will require to be filled with sturdy, functional furniture. Conference tables should be used to seat multiple team members for strategy meetings. Custom office workstations will be needed to meet the demand of growing enterprises. To keep workers comfortable, employers will want to supply them with plenty of reliable ergonomic chairs.

The look of an attorney’s office can say a lot about the firm. What do you want your furniture to tell your clients? The look and the functionality of the space needs to meet the digital reality of today; state-of-the-art desks, plush leather chairs, and the latest technology help set the tone whenever a client walks into GrayRobinson or your own personal Miami law firm.

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