A Guide to Buying Used Office Furniture That Lasts

Guide To Buying Used Furniture

If you want to outfit your office with furniture that looks respectable and doesn’t break the bank, you have come to the right place. As a leader in office furniture supplies, we know what makes good furniture. Shopping used does not have to be a stressful endeavor. Don’t stress over another office chair; let’s talk about what you need to do to find the right office furniture for your space.

Know Your Budget for Office Furniture

First and foremost, what is your budget? A functional office, at home or in commercial space, does well with a business budget. You do not want to get overzealous, buy many expensive office desks, and then discover you are broke. You can always adjust things accordingly. If you’re on a real tight budget, consider a small loan to help you acquire your needs. Something to remember about your budget, consider shipping costs if you are not near any quality used office furniture. You will also want to consider the possibility of buying replacement parts later.

Pay Attention to Your Office Space

Now you know what your budget for furniture is, what is your space like? You might be looking at that gorgeous cherry l-shaped desk and thinking how wonderful it will be. However, if your space is too small, it won’t do you any good. Here is what you need to consider when outfitting your office:

  • What are the room dimensions?
  • How many pieces are you looking to put in the office (desk, chair, bookshelf, etc.)?
  • Will people be able to walk around?
  • What do you really need? Really consider if it’s a necessity or a desire.
  • How can you best optimize the space? A large room can be turned into multiple workspaces with cubicles. A standing desk can help add space to a smaller office.

Having a clear plan on money and your needs will make shopping for used office furniture much easier.

Look For High-Quality Used Furniture

One of the best things about buying used furniture is the opportunity to buy leading brand names without the high price tag. The high-quality options are also going to last much longer than those of lesser quality. Consider brands like Herman Miller or Steelcase. Still, you want to look over the furniture to ensure there are no major defects. Take the time to shop around before settling. If you can acquire your office furniture over time, we recommend it. You can save yourself a lot of stress and money by taking your time.

Take The Used Office Chairs For A Spin

When it comes to the used office chair, normal wear and tear are to be expected. Since most people spend hours in their chairs, safety is everything. Unfortunately, unsafe office chairs are plentiful, so a test drive is necessary. Sit in it, spin around (normally, not like a toddler) if able, and check the gears to see how easy it is to adjust it. Are you able to move freely? How comfortable are you feeling? Check the material to see if there is any cracking or fraying; you don’t want to have to reupholster any time soon.

Always remember, you do not have to sacrifice quality because it’s used. Better to have a great office chair for years rather than an unsafe one that will need replacing in a year.

Buy Used and New Office Furniture Locally

Save yourself a lot of time and energy by focusing on what is available locally. This gives you the upper hand when making used office furniture. You won’t fall for marketing hype for deep discounts that may not exist, and you can see the furniture items you are considering. Now you won’t have to worry about questionable pictures that don’t show the item doesn’t work properly. Or the name-brand chairs don’t adjust for height. You also support a local business that boosts the economy of the area.

Ask if it is Still Under Warranty

Although you are likely to find used furniture is sold as is, you can always ask about an existing manufacturer’s warranty. Sometimes the original purchaser isn’t happy when they bought a chair online and sends it back. If you do find items under warranty, consider yourself lucky and take it. It will be well worth it, and the used furniture will now feel like new furniture.

What to Steer Clear From

When buying anything used, especially office furniture, know what to avoid is important. Sometimes things seem obvious, like the used cubicles that are warped. And nothing screams “buyer beware” like a desk with a loose leg and drawers that don’t open. However, other things are a little less obvious.

The age of your potential furniture item is important. That ergonomic chair from 1987 might fit your creative office style but finding replacement parts is next to impossible. Do some background investigating to see if the manufacturer is still in business. If not, check to see how you can get your hands on original parts for repairs. Or looking for a newer office chair.

The unknown history can lead to an unexpected cost later. The desks may look like they are in good shape, but there could be possible damage you aren’t aware of. It’s unfortunate, but it’s not unlike a dealer to duct tape or glue parts back together. Your items will eventually wear; you want something to last several years.

Shop with Authorized Dealers

Don’t visit any office furniture store; look for ones who are authorized dealers. These stores have an agreement with brands to provide quality used furniture that perfectly complements your office. We here at Office Furniture Warehouse are authorized dealers for brands like Friant, Global, and Gautier. Call our experts today, and we can guide you through the buying process with ease.