Heavy Duty Armless Office Chairs – What You Need To Know

heavy-duty office chairs

Many office chair retailers sell standard office desk chairs as heavy-duty without providing any objective evidence that the chair is, in fact, a heavy-duty product. Two things usually happen if a traditional desk chair is used in a heavy-duty environment. Either the desk chair will not perform or last very long, or it may break unexpectedly, possibly causing injury.

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    What are Heavy Duty Office Chairs?

    If the environment is more demanding, you need a good office chair with superior strength and durability, allowing you to sit comfortably for a more extended period of time. For example, in a 24/7 control room or call center, multiple shifts result in the office chair being used continuously. An ergonomically designed chair brings every customer comfort with its unique design when working or resting.

    Alternatively, a big and tall executive will need an office chair that is larger, stronger, and possibly a tall office chair to accommodate their frame. Standard chairs don’t measure up simply because they are rated for a maximum of 120kg and are designed for a typical 8 hour day.

    To make an office desk chair stronger, more durable, and generally ergonomic, its overall design needs to consider higher performance requirements. The correct combination of ALL the individual components required to make up the chair is vitally important.

    office chairs

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    It’s All About The Frame

    The frame of a heavy-duty chair must withstand lots of sitting and weight. They are often larger than the standard chair, with seats that are also wider. There are several things you will notice about the chair that stands out from others.

    The Base Has It All

    The base must be strong to support the weight and long hours of use. Heavy-duty office chairs always come with a five-point base, often aluminum. The base also includes a gas lifter and castors. The gas lifter comes in classes, and all heavy-duty office chairs feature a class four. These gas lifters are designed to handle higher loads for more extended periods of time. The castors are soft-rimmed (for firm surfaces) or hard-rimmed (for carpet).

    The Seat

    The seat is an integral part of the armless office chair, especially heavy-duty ones. These are contoured to support the more extensive body well. It allows for shifting and moving without causing discomfort or stressing the chair. They feature thick laminated plywood to add strength to the seat.

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