Miami-Based Entrepreneurs Launch Niche Business Network


There are countless examples of Miami’s entrepreneurial spirit to be found amidst the wave of new office buildings and business conferences springing up around the city. This international city has been producing so many young entrepreneurs, that some professionals felt like they needed their own forum.

Our City Thoughts is a nonprofit organization. Binsen J. Gonzalez created the initiative as a way to organize some of the new innovations created by entrepreneurs. According to the institution’s website, the community support received from this endeavor has proven its need. Its stated goal is to connect established industry professionals with “millennial talent.”

In addition to a good network of business-minded individuals, entrepreneurs also need to make smart choices regarding their finances. During the startup phase, expenses must be kept at a minimum, thus lowering overhead. The collection of knowledgeable industry professionals can help fledgling business owners cut costs. This can be done with smart purchasing habits, including the initial allocation of business furniture.

Before any equipment is purchased, the office layout must be planned out. As a business owner or member of the leadership team, you need to know how many employees can fit in the space. As you speak with other professionals, you can get a better sense of how successful offices operate. This will help to design your own layout.


Open floor plans are popular these days. They are chosen mainly because they allow team members to collaborate quite easily. Furthermore, this setting can also help your startup costs. Without traditional walls or partitions, you can maximize space. Each square foot of your office should be considered to have a dollar amount, which means the more people in one room, the more money saved. At the same time, be sure not to cram workers in too tightly. You can easily avoid that with contemporary workstations. These desks are streamlined for efficiency. They offer ample counter space for each employee, yet make the most of valuable office real estate.

Ergonomic chairs

It is also important to make sure each employee seated at a desk has an ergonomic chair. Many industry standard units are lauded for their adjustable neck and back rests. The adjustable options on these chairs reduce worker fatigue, instances of carpal tunnel syndrome, and improve the work output of employees. If one thing is true, it’s that people won’t be getting a whole lot of work done if they are uncomfortable.

Used office furniture

Consider filling your space with used office furniture. If you source pieces from a reputable dealer, you can find quality equipment in various styles. Additionally, when retailers purchase units in large lots, you might get an opportunity to buy matching furniture for the entire office.

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