Preserving History: The Sample-McDougald House Preservation Society


The Sample-McDougald House Preservation Society in Pompano Beach, Florida, is dedicated to the conservation and celebration of one of the area’s most treasured historic landmarks. This society works tirelessly to maintain the Sample-McDougald House, a significant piece of local history that offers a glimpse into the region’s past. Learn information about Pompano Beach, FL.

History of the Sample-McDougald House

Built-in 1916 by Pompano Beach pioneer Albert Neal Sample, the Sample-McDougald House is a prime example of early 20th-century Florida architecture. Over the years, the house has served as a residence for several prominent families, including the McDougald family, who contributed to the development of the area’s agricultural industry. Discover facts about Sky Zone Trampoline Park: Pompano Beach’s Ultimate Jumping Destination.

Preservation Efforts

The Sample-McDougald House Preservation Society was established in 1989 with the goal of preserving and restoring this historic home. Through fundraising events, educational programs, and community outreach, the society has been instrumental in maintaining the integrity of the house and its surrounding property.

Educational Programs

In addition to its preservation efforts, the Sample-McDougald House Preservation Society offers a variety of educational programs for visitors of all ages. These programs include guided tours of the house, lectures on local history, and hands-on activities that allow participants to learn about life in early 20th-century Florida.

Community Engagement

The Sample-McDougald House Preservation Society actively engages with the local community through events and initiatives designed to promote awareness of the house and its significance. From historical reenactments to cultural festivals, these events foster a sense of pride and appreciation for Pompano Beach’s heritage.

Future Plans

Looking ahead, the Sample-McDougald House Preservation Society remains committed to its mission of preserving and promoting this important piece of local history. With ongoing restoration projects and continued community support, the society aims to ensure that the Sample-McDougald House remains a cherished landmark for generations to come.


The Sample-McDougald House Preservation Society plays a vital role in safeguarding the rich history of Pompano Beach, Florida. Through its preservation efforts, educational programs, and community engagement initiatives, the society honors the legacy of the Sample-McDougald House and its significance in shaping the region’s past, present, and future.