Customizing Your Cubicle For A Modern Miami Workplace

Modern cubicles take on many shapes, and some companies prefer to think out of the box when planning a custom space for workers. For example, some are based on a round design, which is believed to support creativity. Other offices offer a cozy lounge space for work as well as play. You don’t have to overhaul the space’s structure completely, but in order to set up an effective workspace, it’s important to think about the individual office worker and then the group as a whole.

Whether your office is based in the artsy Design District, the business-minded MIA Airport area, or the Medley submarket, you should design custom office workstations. This is especially important when sourcing office cubicles. Purchasing this equipment in a one-size-fits-all form may hinder the creativity of your employees. Here is how to design cubicles for a modern Miami workspace.

 Office Workstation Layout for a Modern Miami Workplace

First, think about the shape of the office workstations. All standard cubicles have walls and desks, but when you customize your own, you get to choose the shape and placement of each feature. For instance, think about the type and number of walls you’ll be selecting. Consider the option to opt for cubicles with three walls, which is pretty standard, or offer employees some privacy with the fourth, made from a transparent material.

You’ll also want to think about the shape of the desks. Employees, who conduct different forms of work, such as computer-based tasks and creative projects, will need room for the computer and keyboard, as well as free counter space, while other employees may need to collaborate with their colleagues. Simplify things by opting for a large cubicle, which leaves space for extra guest chairs. Chances are your company operates via multiple departments, with each person in those sections performing similar tasks. Go ahead and cater the cubicle to each group for an easy and organized way to design your office space.

It could also be helpful to offer blank wall space serving as a white board. A free writing area could become a helpful note center and make for a great spur-of-the-moment idea generation tool.

Modern Miami Workplace Office Cubicle Storage 

It’s important for employees to feel like they have everything they need to work efficiently, including storage space. Some employers don’t offer their workers things as simple as a filing cabinet, if they don’t believe they need to house many documents in a printed form. However, some employees prefer to keep files on hand and leave other space for personal items.

People spend so much time at the office, they need to feel at home there. Some workers prefer to keep a few snacks in their desk or a crossword puzzle to work on during their break. Storage units take on many forms. Some workers can benefit from a small filing cabinet, while others need a tall bookshelf. Considering what each person needs to conduct work efficiently helps build a strong workforce.

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