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Modern Office Furniture In Florida

Modern office furniture is typically a seamless synthesis of sleek design, contemporary texture and innovative technology. It is this sophisticated synergy that lends a sense of distinction to any up-to-date space. Influenced by modernism principles, today’s high-quality modern office furniture offers clean lines and eclectic looks.

The office space design often fluctuates with the times. As the contemporary workday underwent transformation, so did office furniture. Modern design forgoes the cluttered opulence of the past to convey a serene simplicity that allows for an efficient and attractive environment.

Professional and refined, modern office furniture creates an atmosphere that may help make a positive impression on any client or guest. Whether a company prides itself on its cutting-edge innovation or its in-depth analysis of data from the past, contemporary furniture complements any business that appreciates elegant surroundings in the here and now. 

Sleek, neat and asymmetrical are three key characterizing terms that commonly describe a modern look. Highlighted below are several popular features inherent to either modern or contemporary types of office design.

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What Materials Are Used In Modern Office Furniture?


Steel and chrome often dominate contemporary furniture selections. Polished metals reflect the light and may imbue a space with a feeling of glamor. Today’s modern pieces often come with steel legs, steel frames or steel edges. The metallic palette sets contemporary furniture apart from the wooden furniture, which is a characteristic of vintage and old-world styles. Although many modern furniture pieces are made of wood as well, metals are a popular feature used in many contemporary offices today. To add a modern feel to the office space, workers may want to invest in the sleekly designed task light in an accent color to brighten up the space. LED desk lamps with thin aluminum blades, which give the light a sculptural, organic form, may add a modern look to a workstation.


Today’s workspaces thrive on providing employees an open and collaborative environment. No material creates the appearance of an open space the way glass does. As the sun streams through the windows and strikes the furnishing’s glass panes, the space seems to glow and expand. Glass walls in place of cubicles and dividers make the space seem more open and friendlier. Glass table tops lend a clean sheen to the space. An office may want to use a glass top conference table for meeting rooms or install cabinets with glass doors to create a clean and contemporary look.


Mid-century furniture designers often used materials that did not come from trees, like fiberglass and plastics like Bakelite, Plexiglas and Lucite. However, teak wood was used often because of its durability and warm hue. When woods were used, walnut and oak were commonly used in modern furniture design.


Contemporary office furniture normally utilizes more neutral color schemes, and modern design palettes use black and white mixed with pops of bold color. Black office furniture against shades of tan lend modern sophistication to a space. A modern black and white color scheme complemented by a scarlet or a deep blue is popular in modern office design today. A bold-colored accessory against a black and white backdrop or a touch of bright paint added to a tan office space adds stunning impact while demonstrating restraint.


Minimalist designs are modest and focus on essential functions of the furniture. Basic geometric shapes and asymmetrical designs make up the modern furniture landscape. With the exception of some modern chair designs, curves used in contemporary furnishings are relatively restrained and flow with the furniture’s basic frame. A flat texture, free of cluttered ornamentation is a characteristic of contemporary designs. The shapes used in modern design are sometimes signature to the era. Modern shelving is typically square, not rectangle, for instance.

Before purchasing office furniture, you may want to browse several of our unparalleled collections from contemporary brands such as Global, Richelieu Hardware, Office Star, Mayline, Eurotech and Gautier, Office Furniture Warehouse is ready to meet all your business furnishing needs.


A occasional round coffee table offers the best in contemporary design. With angled legs available in three contemporary finishes, this table would make any busy worker want to pause and sip cup a coffee if only for a moment.

OFW guest chairs offer modular ease to any business conference, workshop or meeting. The wheels allow today’s busy multitasking office professional to complete quick and easy setup, transporting and space arranging. Optimizing space for the utmost efficiency, the basic form, modern lines and smart details all underscore its practical use.

Our Globalcare Senator seating’s modern wingback chair with flared arm and back designs offers a refined look to any lounge or waiting area. The bold red color is the perfect shade to punctuate any modern black and white color scheme.

Modern Office Furniture Accessories

Modern office furniture accessories consist of wire hiders for sleek uncluttered desks, CPU storage, Cabinets and glass panels. Some of these items can be detailed in our Cubicle workstation design guide. 

From high-end European styling to modular designs, Office Furniture Warehouse offers a wide selection sure to meet any preference. To create a comfortable office space that is efficient and sophisticated for any endeavor, contact Office Furniture Warehouse In Miami to order modern Office Furniture or our Pompano location tailored suit any preference.