Guides To Office Style

Guide to Contemporary & Modern Office Furniture

Modern office furniture is typically a seamless synthesis of sleek design, contemporary texture and innovative technology. It is this sophisticated synergy that lends a sense of distinction to any up-to-date space.

Influenced by modernism principles, today’s high-quality modern office furniture offers clean lines and eclectic looks.

  • Polished Metal
  • Glass
  • New Materials
  • Contemporary Colors
  • Minimalist Design

Contemporary Office Furniture

  • Contemporary Office Desk
  • Contemporary Office Chair
  • Contemporary Office Table

Guide to Classic & Traditional Office Furniture

Traditional and classic office furniture conveys a look of timeless elegance. Favored as a style that will last throughout the decades, traditional office furniture is suitable for any business or industry environment.

Whether furnishing an executive suite or a home office, traditional pieces can give a room an elegant, Old-World style that is simple and non-intrusive. High-quality classic furniture offers lasting durability and a tasteful appearance.

  • Prevalent Materials
  • Design Features
  • How to Use
  • Traditional Seating
  • Traditional Desks

Traditional Office Furniture

  • Traditional Office Desk
  • Traditional Office Chair
  • Traditional Occasional Table

Guide to Ergonomic Office Furniture

It’s no surprise that activity is good for the human body; unfortunately, more jobs than ever before require employees to sit at their desks for hours on end, staring into computer screens and getting up only for short walks to the break room or, if they’re lucky, across the office several times.As a result, workers’ happiness and productivity is affected by the lack of movement. Even worse, some may sustain injuries to their backs, wrists, necks and other areas of the body if the office does not provide ergonomic office furniture.

  • Protect Workers’ Health
  • Choosing Ergonomic Chair
  • Used Ergonomic Furniture

Ergonomic Office Furniture

  • Ergonomic Office Chair
  • Ergonomic Accessories
  • Benching Desk

Guides To Office Furniture Materials

Guide to Wood Office Furniture

Wood is one of the most prevalent materials used to make business furniture. Because wood is sturdy and durable and is an easy material for furniture makers to work with, wood office furniture has been a popular staple on the marketplace for many years.Made from deciduous trees like Oak and Mahogany, its rich hues and attractive markings offer spaces a refined look ideal for any professional palette.

  • Color Variations
  • Traditional Look
  • Conducive to the workplace
  • Caring Tips

Wood Office Furniture

  • Wood Office Desk
  • Wood Office Table
  • Wood Office Chair

Guide to Glass Office Furniture

Glass office furniture offers any business or home design plan an element of modern style and elegance. Glass furniture is versatile and can fit in perfectly with many types of design schemes.

Glass office furniture can transform a space from stuffy and out of date to bright and modern. From reception areas to conference rooms and desks, a smart manager knows that bringing in glass elements from Office Furniture Warehouse can make all the difference in the world.

  • Prevalent Materials
  • Glass Workstations
  • Glass Conference Tables
  • Modern Atmosphere

Glass Office Furniture

  • Glass Office Desk
  • Glass Office Table
  • Glass Workstation

Guide to Laminate Office Furniture

Equipping your office with furniture might involve deciding on the right finishes based on what concerns you may have. The first option that comes to most minds is obtaining solid wood, known for its timeless look and sophisticated elegance. Have in mind that such luxury can quickly rack up costs way beyond your designated budget. Let us discuss the main options for office furniture finishes to help you make an educated and well-informed choice.

  • What is Laminate?
  • Veneer Office Furniture
  • Solid Wood Office Furniture
  • Designing With Laminate

Laminate Office Furniture

  • Laminate Office Desk
  • Laminate Office Table
  • Laminate Office Chair

Guide to Mahagony Office Furniture

In this day and age, people have a wide variety of readily available office furniture to choose from, which is made out of a range of materials and represents various styles and trends. Mahogany and red oak are known to typify traditional wood office furniture in the United States.

Mahogany office furniture is very expensive, but if taken care of properly, will not only hold its value, but might even appreciate over time. Make sure to keep it out of direct UV rays, wipe off spills and clean stains immediately after they occur. Even though mahogany is one of the strongest types of wood on the market, it has a higher humidity absorption rate from air than any other furniture building wood. If kept in an office with drastically shifting temperatures and high humidity levels, mahogany office furniture might develop cracks, shrink and warp.

  • The Difference Between Mahogany and Oak Wood
  • Oak Wood Office Furniture
  • Mahogany Office Furniture
  • Oak vs. Mahogany

Mahagony Office Furniture

  • Mahagony Office Desk
  • Mahagony Office Table
  • Mahagony Office Chair

Guide to Leather Office Furniture

Having good-looking office furniture gives one pride and accomplishment, as it is something you and/or your employees will look at every day at work, and sometimes so will your clients. The type of furniture you select for your office space will send a signal, not only about the type of office environment you are trying to create, but also about you as a person.

A luxury office chair, leather office seating in the waiting room or leather high back executive chair will make a statement that conveys authority and prestige, while mesh office chair models, covered in bright vibrant colors, will channel a more casual and cheerful vibe. If you do decide to pick leather as your office’s centerpiece furniture upholstery, there are some things you should know before making the purchase.

  • Leather Office Furniture Types and Cleaning Guide
  • Modern CEO Office Ideas

Leather Office Furniture

  • Leather Office Desk
  • Leather Office Table
  • Leather Office Chair

Guide to Office Furniture By Colors

Modern offices are tearing down the separator walls to bring employees together. Collaboration is often the theme of a contemporary office design. One of the main focuses when putting such a workplace together is employing the psychology of color. The techniques are especially prevalent in big companies, which spare no effort in bettering their working environment. Some colors are advantageous to your business, boost energy levels, promote productivity or have a positively calming effect, while other might feel irritating, draining, or even make workers feel tired and sluggish. Let us take a closer look at what color schemes might be the best fit for your business.

  • Blue
  • Yellow and Orange
  • Red
  • White
  • Black

Office Furniture By Colors

  • Green
  • Black
  • White

Guides To Business Types

Guide to Your Home Office Furniture

Because your home-based business or home small office isn’t the primary purpose for the room, it’s imperative the area works for you, your work and your family.

Designing a home office doesn’t have to be a stressful, high-cost project that you have to take on alone. The experts at Office Furniture Warehouse are experienced in helping individuals and home business owners to create the most suitable office layout and plan possible.

Guide to Call Center Furniture

Now more than ever before, businesses across the globe rely on teams of customer service representatives to support business in many ways. This is commonly done on teams of tens, hundreds – perhaps even thousands – in call center settings, and call center furniture is imperative to businesses’ success as well as the success of call center staff.

Keep reading to find out how to design the perfect call center space:

Guide to Medical & Doctor's Office Furniture

With both national and global spotlights on health care, it’s more important than ever for medical offices and businesses to create comfortable, attractive and secure spaces for patients, family members and friends – and their valuable information and documents.

This can be done with the assistance of office layout designers, some high-quality used medical office furniture, and an attention to detail that still takes patient confidentiality and health codes into consideration.

  • Security is Priority
  • Reception Area Furniture
  • Used Medical Furniture

Medical Office Furniture

Guide to Law Firm Office Furniture

Choosing the right law office furniture can be tricky. Should a firm go for a modern design or stick with traditional design schemes? One must also consider seating options for staff and what image a law firm wants to present to clients and colleagues.

With a bit of planning, though, designing an office landscape for a law firm can be easy and fun.

  • Choosing Furniture
  • Quality Furniture
  • Law Office Furnishing

Guide to School Furniture

The Importance of School Furniture

The goal every school has is to provide its students with the best learning experience possible. There are many challenges each educational establishment has to face, one of them being getting and keeping the students engaged in the learning process. It is important to make the pupils feel comfortable and relaxed, therefore, classroom furniture plays an important role in achieving those goals

  • Classroom Layout
  • Innovative Classroom Furniture
  • Comfortable Classroom Furniture

School Furniture Categories

Guides To Office Space Types

Guide to Open Space Office Furniture

Open space office furniture refers to furniture pieces, which are set up in a way to make employees work together side by side with no or minimal dividers between them. This can be achieved using custom office workstations, benching desks, or arranging free standing desks in a collaborative manner.

  • Open Space Office vs. Office Cubicles
  • How to Promote Productivity Using Open Office Concept Design

Guide to Small Office Furniture

Most startups begin their journey to success in a small and scrappy office with a few employees performing multiple various tasks, normally meant for people of different work fields, with a goal to grow and eventually move into a larger office. Startups are not the only ones to opt for small working spaces. Some businesses maintain such a setting their entire lifespan. While having less freedom for decor and improvisation, it is important to pick office furniture very wisely, since it will have a major impact on productivity and workflow.

  • Modern Office Design Idead For Small Spaces
  • Home Office Ideas For Small Rooms

Small Office furniture

  • Small Office Desk
  • Small Office Office Table
  • Small Office Office Chair

Guide to Executive Office Furniture

Executives who lead companies to success deserve high-quality office furniture. The right executive office furniture will showcase leadership and style as well as a sense of power that comes with having an executive title. Hitting the right balance with an executive office doesn’t have to be hard.

Busy executives will often spend countless hours on the phone or with clients and business associates in their personal office. Comfortable executive seating makes sure company leaders are comfortable working late into the night and relaxed when dealing with the stress of managing a company.

  • Executive Office Chairs
  • Executive Desks
  • Design Use

Executive Office Furniture

Guide to Waiting Room Office Furniture

The waiting room is usually the first thing people see when entering an office-based business. That is why the reception area can make or break you. It creates first impressions, as well as sets the mood on how the business is operated and what kind of treatment to potentially expect. There are several things you should take into consideration when designing your office waiting area.

  • Reception Desk
  • Waiting Room Seating
  • Room Decor
  • Waiting Room Aesthetics

Waiting Room Office Furniture

  • Waiting Room Office Desk
  • Waiting Room Office Chair
  • Waiting Room Table

Guide to Break Room Furniture

An office break room is a retreat and a place to disconnect from work, to recover energy and obtain inspiration for upcoming assignments. Setting up a break room is usually not a major priority and the effect of it on the employees gets often overlooked. Invest some time and effort to create a workplace that will feel like home for everyone.

Guide to Storage Office Furniture

After setting up the centerpiece furniture, such as office workstations, free standing desks, and ergonomic chairs in a newly acquired or remodeled office space, it becomes time to think about where to store all the necessary files, paperwork, and personal belongings. There are several types of furniture to help you with putting away office inventory in an organized and neat manner. Find out what you can do with lateral and vertical filing cabinets, office shelving and office cabinets.  

Guides To Office Furniture Brands

Guide to First Office Furniture

First Office Furniture is one of OFS Office Furniture brands, which is a family-owned office furniture manufacturer founded in 1937 in Huntingburg Indiana. Today First Office Furniture line is a manufacturer of office seating, office casegoods, office tables, and open office furniture. The brand brings multifunctional designs with clean lines and a timeless look.  

Guide to Friant Office Furniture

Friant Office Furniture. Find New & Used Friant Office Furniture Friant is a manufacturer of high-end contemporary office furniture with reasonable prices. It was founded in 1990, specializing in installation and repair. Over the years it grew and developed into a recognizable brand with a great reputation nationwide. Friant office furniture is technologically advanced and up to date with modern office needs.  

Guide to Gautier Office Furniture

Gautier was founded in France in 1960 by Patrice Gautier and his wife Annick. The company started by manufacturing kids’ bedroom furniture and became the leader in its category in the first few years of its’ existence. In 1989 Gautier launched its first office furniture line.

Today Gautier’s office furniture line is a manufacturer of office chairs, office desks, office tables, office workstations, as well as office storage units. The brand brings elegance along with sophistication and is easy to match with most office styles, contemporary or traditional.

  • Office Desks
  • Office Chairs
  • Office Tables
  • Office Workstations

Gautier Office Furniture

  • Gautier Office Desk
  • Gautier Office Table
  • Gautier Office Chair

Guide to Global Office Furniture

Global Furniture Group was established in 1966. It is a manufacturer catering to commercial, educational and healthcare businesses nationwide, providing office desks, office tables, seating, and filing products of high quality and contemporary design.

  • Workplace Furniture
  • Education Furniture
  • Healthcare Furniture
  • Used Global Office Furniture

Global Office Furniture

  • Global Office Desk
  • Global Office Table
  • Global Office Chair

Guide to OFS Office Furniture

OFS is a family owned office furniture manufacturer founded in 1937 in Huntingburg Indiana. Today OFS office furniture line is a manufacturer of office chairs, office desks, office tables, as well as office workstations. The brand brings elegance along with sophistication and is easy to match with most office styles, contemporary or traditional.

OFS Office Furniture

  • OFS Office Desk
  • OFS Office Table
  • OFS Office Workstation

Guide to OFW Office Furniture

Office Furniture Warehouse has been in business since 1990 catering to local South Florida businesses as well as fulfilling the needs for new and used office furniture nationwide.

Throughout the years of being in business, we have developed relationships with various office furniture manufacturing brands and gained valuable experience in learning how to offer only the highest quality items and services. It inspired us to offer customers our own line of office furniture OFW.

  • Office Desks
  • Office Chairs
  • Office Tables
  • Office Workstations

Guide to Lacasse Office Furniture

Office Furniture Warehouse has been in business since 1990 catering to local South Florida businesses as well as fulfilling the needs for new and used office furniture nationwide. Throughout the years of being in business, we have developed relationships with various office furniture manufacturing brands and gained valuable experience in learning how to offer only the highest quality items and services. It inspired us to offer customers our own line of office furniture OFW.
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