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Office Furniture Warehouse provides comprehensive office relocation, delivery, and office furniture installations services throughout not just South Florida, but internationally as well. Once your purchase has been finalized at Office Furniture Warehouse, our team of skilled professionals will coordinate with your business’s staff and contractors to help create and assist in the accurate execution of your office furniture delivery and installation.

Is it Time to Break up With Your Office Chair

New Office Relocation Space Planning

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Office Furniture Moving And Relocation Services In South Florida

We move, relocate, deliver and install furniture all over the state of Florida. Our mission is to always provide the highest quality of office furniture installation and delivery services by attracting and retaining the most experienced and knowledgeable installers and technicians in Florida. Our team has been working together for over 10 years and has always maintained excellence and reliability in customer service and here at Office Furniture Warehouse, we take a great deal of pride in that and stake our reputation on it.

To find out more about the relocation, reconfiguration, installation, and repair services we provide. Contact us today and feel free to fill out our online form for all of your office furniture needs.

Professionally Trained Office Relocation Technicians

Office Furniture Warehouse’s moving management solutions make it easy for your business to relocate. We employee professionally trained technicians who are experienced with not just the installation process but with the variety and quality of the different manufacture’s products that we offer. Whether you need installation, a reconfiguration, relocation, or repairs, Office Furniture Warehouse has the tools and the know-how to meet your business’s demands.

Office Furniture Warehouse works with the leaders in the office furniture industry such as Friant, Hon, Global, Groupe Lacasse, Arcadia, and more. Our familiarity with their products makes for a streamlined installation process from the time of purchase to the completion of the process.

New Office Relocation Space Planning

If you are looking to reconfigure your current office and get suggestions on layout and design before you relocate your office, we can help. We use state-of-the-art design software we can create a design in 2-D and 3-D renderings so that visualizing you new look is easier than ever.

We know how difficult it is to move your existing office from one location to the next so allow us to remove the stress and make the process as painless as possible. Breaking down and relocating office furniture is a tedious process that involves a variety of skill sets and equipment use that may be too much for untrained workers to handle. Office Furniture Warehouse own all of the required tools and furniture transport devices that make the job quick and easy all while protecting the integrity of the furniture during the relocation process.

The planning stage is vital for this process to work and our professional movers and installers are very thorough when it comes to the design, the new location, transporting, staging, and installation of you current office furniture and it’s new set-up. We take great care of the furniture from the break down to the reinstallation service we provide.

If something does happen to a product during relocation the professionals at Office Furniture Warehouse are able to solve just about any problem. Because of the familiarity of the products and our services anything from lost power, a loose shelf, a stuck drawer, or a broken leg or handle can be fixed without delay. We have the professional experience necessary to fix anything that may be broken, we can order any part, and we can deliver quickly.

Whether its relocation, reconfiguration, installation, repairs, or even office furniture liquidation let the experts at Office Furniture Warehouse address your business solution needs.

Is it Time to Break up With Your Office Chair

New Office Relocation Space Planning

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Why are you better than a regular moving company?

We know office furniture and install it everyday for a living. This means that our process for assembling and dissassembling office furniture is faster and better than a starndard moving company. In addition, we are insured like any other moving company and have vehicles all of Florida.

What is the process for moving an office and office furniture?

Our highly knowledgeable and skilled professionals will review all of the plans and specifications. Once the plan is in place the installers will then field verify the physical dimensions of your space and ensure that all insurance paperwork and permits will be ready and available for the building and/or property management and inspectors. After coordinating with all of the relevant contractors—such as electrical, data, and voice connections—we will be sure that any items requiring these connections are all properly installed with the products that you have selected. Once that is complete, we are then able to create a flexible project schedule that accommodates the product availability from the manufacturer and the respective logistic operation that entails timely delivery of the purchased products. Ofcourse, if you want new furniture, we can supply that as well.

How I know the office move and Relocation will go smoothly?

Once the product is delivered to the location it will once again be inspected to ensure that nothing was damaged and that the integrity of the product has not been compromised in any way. Upon verification of the condition of the products we will create a work flow that addresses the coordination with electrical and low-voltage contractors as needed.

Once we have completed installation of you new office furniture we will remove all packaging and trash associated with the installation of our products and our installation service. Upon satisfactory inspection of the newly installed system we will then walkthrough with the customer to ensure that their new office furniture solutions meets the expectations they had in terms of furniture quality, customer service, and installation.

Where do you install office furniture?

We have office furniture showrooms in Miami and Pompano Beach but we assemble, move and install office furniture everywhere from the Florida Keys through Miami-Dade, Fort Lauderdale and Broward County, as well as Palm Beach county, Boca Raton, West Palm Jupiter throughout the entire state of Florida. 

How far in Advance Should I start Planning My Office Relocation?

It’s best to start planning your office relocation months in advance. You will need to inventory all of your office furniture, plan for dissasembly, new furniture needs and make sure the timetable is set so your team won’t haveto endure a business interruption.