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In this day and age, people have a wide variety of readily available office furniture to choose from, which is made out of a range of materials and represents various styles and trends. Mahogany and red oak are known to typify traditional wood office furniture in the United States.


Mahogany and Oak are used universally for making office desks, office cabinets, and other items. The two types of wood have an insignificant difference durability wise. It all comes down to visual aesthetics and cost, oak being the less expensive option. There are downsides to purchasing office furniture built out of these materials, so make sure to do research before making an investment.


Oak is one of the oldest types of wood available for furniture making, dating back several centuries. Because of its durability, oak has been used for building ships, flooring and railroad ties. Versatility helped oak climb to the top of the popularity ladder since other types of wood are limited with the types of furniture they can produce.

There are two varieties of oak available in the mainstream market, which are red oak and white oak. Red oak is much more commonly used. White oak is considered to be the more exclusive and upscale option. It is harder and has straighter grain patterns.

Oak is available in different color schemes and also can be easily stained to a desired shade. It is known to be damage resistant and will remain looking great after exposure to scratches, stains, and dust. Oak office furniture is built to last. Such furniture undergoes color change over time and different color hues eventually become noticeable, which gives fine pieces such as oak office desks and oak office cabinets more character, as well as adds value.

Despite all the positive features, oak is a serious investment, since it often holds a steep price. If you do decide to make the purchase, oak office furniture will last you a lifetime and only grow in value. It is known to be quite heavy, so if you move it from office to office, it will require extra workforce for making the transfer. Also, make sure to keep it out of direct sunlight, since it will cause darkening and color streaks.

Consider purchasing an oak executive desk, oak office table, oak filing cabinets or an office chair with oak details. It will add style and class to your overall workplace look and serve its purpose for many years to come.


Mahogany wood comes in the shades of dark-reddish brown and pale pinks. Most mahogany furniture nowadays is made in Africa and South America. West Indian and Caribbean mahogany is less common since it has been overharvested. African mahogany is most widely used since it is the easiest to obtain and has lowest costs. American mahogany is considered to be the most valuable type of trees in the United States.

Antique mahogany pedestal desk with drawers with brass handles on either side and vintage vase and lamp on top

Most mahogany office furniture is made in a traditional style, but it can compliment any type of office decor. These fine wood furniture pieces create elegance and sophistication in modern and traditional workplaces.

Since mahogany’s popularity skyrocketed at the end of the 18th century, it has been over-harvested in various regions, such as the Peruvian Amazon. Since it is considered endangered in some parts of the world, office furniture manufacturers such as IKEA have chosen not to include this type of wood in their inventory. Some pieces are made with mahogany veneers, rather than solid mahogany.

Mahogany office furniture is very expensive, but if taken care of properly, will not only hold its value, but might even appreciate over time. Make sure to keep it out of direct UV rays, wipe off spills and clean stains immediately after they occur. Even though mahogany is one of the strongest types of wood on the market, it has a higher humidity absorption rate from air than any other furniture building wood. If kept in an office with drastically shifting temperatures and high humidity levels, mahogany office furniture might develop cracks, shrink and warp.

If you want to give your office a classic look, or simply add a decor centerpiece, look into purchasing a mahogany conference table, mahogany executive desk, mahogany coffee table or even some classical style mahogany office chairs with plush seating and backrests.


Mahogany is listed as endangered species on the International Union for the Conservation of Nature’s Red List, while oak is not endangered and is grown domestically.

They are both hardwoods, with high durability and toughness, but oak is harder, meaning it is more likely to shatter or splinter when milled.

Oak trees are smaller in size and have more branches with slower growth rate, while mahogany trees are much larger in size.

Because of mahogany being on the endangered species list, impacting its availability and pricing, oak is cheaper and easier to obtain.

Mahogany displays even, consistent patterns and faded lines, while oak tends to have a bold and complex pattern with wider dark lines. Oak creates a more aggressive look and is harder to match with surrounding decor.