Office Moving Management

Office Furniture Warehouse’s moving management solutions make it easy for your business to relocate. We employee professionally trained technicians who are experienced with not just the installation process but with the variety and quality of the different manufacture’s products that we offer. Whether you need installation, a reconfiguration, relocation, or repairs, Office Furniture Warehouse has the tools and the know-how to meet your business’s demands.

Office Furniture Warehouse works with the leaders in the office furniture industry such as Friant, Hon, Global, Groupe Lacasse, Arcadia, and more. Our familiarity with their products makes for a streamlined installation process from the time of purchase to the completion of the process.

If you are looking to reconfigure you current office layout but are uncertain of how to utilize your current floor space allow the professionals at Office Furniture Warehouse to assist. Using state-of-the-art design software we can create a design in 2-D and 3-D renderings so that visualizing you new look is easier than ever.

We know how difficult it is to move your existing office from one location to the next so allow us to remove the stress and make the process as painless as possible. Breaking down and relocating office furniture is a tedious process that involves a variety of skill sets and equipment use that may be too much for untrained workers to handle. Office Furniture Warehouse own all of the required tools and furniture transport devices that make the job quick and easy all while protecting the integrity of the furniture during the relocation process.

The planning stage is vital for this process to work and our professional movers and installers are very thorough when it comes to the design, the new location, transporting, staging, and installation of you current office furniture and it’s new set-up. We take great care of the furniture from the break down to the reinstallation service we provide.

If something does happen to a product during relocation the professionals at Office Furniture Warehouse are able to solve just about any problem. Because of the familiarity of the products and our services anything from lost power, a loose shelf, a stuck drawer, or a broken leg or handle can be fixed without delay. We have the professional experience necessary to fix anything that may be broken, we can order any part, and we can deliver quickly.

Whether its relocation, reconfiguration, installation, or repairs, let the experts at Office Furniture Warehouse address your business solution needs.

To find out more about the relocation, reconfiguration, installation, and repair services we provide call us at (954)968-4700 or feel free to fill out our online form for all of your office furniture needs.

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