Lacasse Nex



Attainable Modernity

Life is all about movement. With an eye on the future, Groupe Lacasse created NEX, a collection whose design pushes back the established boundaries by integrating innovative functionalities. Its asymmetry, varying volumes and proportions will appeal to your style and needs. The future is here and within reach.

Increased versatility

NEX is quintessentially multipurpose. Desks are designed to satisfy all expectations: the asymmetrical work surface and adjustable height create perfectly integrated meeting areas. There is space for storage and wireless device charging under the desk on the asymmetrical side, while a storage unit and open bookcase with thin metal shelving complement the arrangement, creating a bold, contemporary look.

Perfect balance

NEX also maximizes productivity by integrating into the individual space a modern, ergonomic and practical collaborative work area: no need to change rooms or encroach on your own workspace. All components—including storage, benches and media panels for flat screens— work in harmony, creating a perfect balance for all your professional activities.

System ingenuity

NEX’s truly smart design multiplies your options, thanks to its floating surfaces that combine with a series of open or closed storage units and multiple drawers. Because the difference is in the details, every aspect of the collection’s architecture is well thought-out, from the glossy finish on the doors to the stylish full-size aluminum handles. You’ll also appreciate the slow-close option for drawers and doors. Plus NEX’s unique metal legs hide an ingenious integrated leveling system under the work surface.