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Having good-looking office furniture gives one pride and
accomplishment, as it is something you and/or your employees will look at every day at work, and sometimes so will
your clients. The type of furniture you select for your office space will send a signal, not only about the type of
office environment you are trying to create, but also about you as a person.

A luxury office chair, leather office seating in the waiting room or leather high back executive chair will make
a statement that conveys authority and prestige, while mesh office chair models, covered in bright vibrant colors,
will channel a more casual and cheerful vibe. If you do decide to pick leather as your office’s centerpiece
furniture upholstery, there are some things you should know before making the purchase.

Vinyl upholstery is the most basic and cheap option when it comes to
“leather”, but it does not contain any actual leather. Vinyl is a synthetic material over a fabric
backing. It has a genuine leather look to it and it is easy to clean. On the other hand, the durability of this
material is quite low and such furniture is not recommended to be placed in high use areas. Over time it will start
cracking and peeling with no option for seamless repairs. In other words, you get what you paid for.

Bonded leather upholstery is rising in popularity over vinyl because it is still reasonably priced and also has real
leather in it. It is manufactured by grounding down scraps of leftover pieces from genuine leather products and mixing
them with fabrics to form a material with real leather in it. For furniture to be called bonded leather office
furniture the real leather content normally has to be at least 60%. Bonded leather does not withstand much wear and
tear, but it is considered to be a higher level material than Vinyl.

Match leather upholstery is created by covering leather office seating, such as leather swivel office chairs, leather
office armchairs and leather waiting room couches with mixed quality leather. Parts of office seating, which get most
wear, are wrapped with genuine leather, while more hidden and less handled pieces get upholstered with faux leather
that has been dyed to match the real one. Leather match upholstery was made for consumers, who are willing to pay a
little extra as a result of receiving enhanced durability where it matters the most.


Types of Leather

Full Grain Leather is a tight grain highest quality leather, which is found right
under the hair of an animal’s hide. The animal might have been naturally wounded and as a result developed
scarring along with other imperfection on its hide. Full grain leather is the type of leather that has not been
sanded, buffed or altered in any way to get rid of those imperfections. While taking care of the flaws of the hide
might be visually appealing, keeping it in its original form prolongs durability and resistance to moisture.

Top Grain Leather is found right under the surface of full grain leather. It is second in
quality with imperfections taken away by sanding and a finish applied for a smooth feel. The sanding takes away some
of its durability and the applied finish makes breathability close to non existent but the artificial cover prevents
it from staining and absorbing moisture, which otherwise would be unavoidable.

Suede is the raw form of genuine leather before it has been resurfaced. Since cow leather tends
to be on the rougher side, lamb, goat calf and deerskin leather is normally used to create its signature textured
feel. Although suede looks more modern and unique, it is quite prone to stains and moisture because of its porous

Bonded Leather is the bottom of the barrel. It is made from leather shavings and a mix of
fabric to create a leather-like material, which does not do a good job withstanding wear, moisture or time. Bonded
leather is found in low-end furniture and accessories.

Leather Cleaning and Care Tips

For everyday leather
, lather in moisturizing soap to remove light stains and grime. Wipe off with a damp cloth or sponge.

To sustain leather in good shape, mix one part of white vinegar with two parts lineseed oil. Stir it all together and
apply to leather furniture in a circular motion using a soft cloth. Leave in for 10 minutes then buff to shine with
another soft cloth.

Avoid exposing leather office furniture to direct sunlight. Virtually nothing is safe in the heat and light of the
sun. Do not expose it to anything that would strip it from its natural moisture, such as harsh chemicals and high
temperatures, otherwise it will become dry and start cracking. Leather might also negatively react to intense cold or
extreme sudden shifts in temperature.

If you spill grease or oil on leather furniture, use talcum or baking powder to absorb it, then quickly blot the
stains with a paper towel or a soft cloth. Professional leather office furniture cleaners are also available for
purchase if you want to go the extra mile.


Contemporary office furniture might not always be the equivalent of modern decor. Since the increase in numbers of
young CEO’s opening new businesses, the concept of a fresh and modern office has been rapidly changing. Terms,
such as manly office decorating ideas and feminine designs, have been merging together to form something that would
appeal to both genders. Here are some ideas of feminine-masculine balance in office space decor.

The key to modern CEO office ideas is to bring together classical materials, such as brown leather, wood, as well as
vintage accessories. Start off by purchasing a high quality brown leather executive
 and a small brown leather couch, if your office has enough room for visitors to relax. Put a stained
glass or clear glass sleek coffee table in front of it. Do not go for the basic white plastic blinds, but install
maroon or gray color wood ones instead. Soften the look and make the room brighter by coloring the walls with a light
gray, mustard or water chestnut paint. A natural brick wall would also go quite well with this ensemble.

When searching for office accessories, try visiting some local antique shops. Purchase small desk statues, paintings,
a typewriter, books, lamps or anything vintage that could add character to your modern-classical office space.
Old-looking and out of the ordinary accessories might also serve as a great conversation starter.

Bring a throwback feel to your office with brand new pieces that create a nostalgic and warm atmosphere, while
maintaining a professional and modern look.