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Smart offices with creative designs, ergonomic furniture, and spacious workstations keep employees healthy, creative and productive. This is particularly true if the environment is collaborative and every employee feels they are appreciated. Customers also get to associate your business with quality deliverables and buy your products or services with confidence. As the leading office furniture store serving Jupiter Florida we decided to showcase some of the new cool office spaces in Jupiter. 

What we found was that there are a lot, and many are our clients. But we picked only five that we are highlighting in this article. These offices have found a good balance of contemporary office designs, quality furniture, and additional amenities that would make any workspace an exciting place to be. Our top picks include:

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Voloridge Investment Management

Voloridge Investment Management is a private business center with beautiful working spaces anyone would wish to work in. With over ten years in business, this office space offers many useful features that are ignored in most offices. The towering glass walls allow those on the inside to view the sceneries on the outside whenever they want to. Given that it’s close to a waterway, you can see a lighthouse, Intracoastal waters, water vessels, palm trees, and all the beauty presented by the Waterways.

The modern office furniture at Voloridge Investment Management gives the employees flexibility to enjoy their duties. Ergonomic office chairs and height-adjustable desks allow you to personalize your workspaces for the sake of efficiency and productivity. This office space integrates both enclosed and open-plan office designs, plus casual conference seating for meetings. During off time, there’s dedicated space with video games, pool, foosball for workers to enjoy. You wouldn’t ask for more.

Jupiter Business Center

Jupiter business center is part of this list for many reasons. First, it gives you quick access to the street making it ideal if you receive visitors at your workplace. They can easily find you. The office units are of different sizes but large enough to set both big and small work areas. The lounge area has modern design features with a TV flat screen, modern furniture, plus a beer tap that’s available every day (free at 5 in the evening). A great opportunity for workers to meet and network.

The fact that the management has kept Jupiter Business Center to be a friendly business environment is a big plus. Though many people meet here, the environment remains cool and well managed. There are social networks in place for the clients of the place and friendly staff. Connectivity to the internet and phone lines is not a problem. You get help any time you need it.

Venture X Palm Beach Gardens

If you are looking for a shared but cool workspace, then Venture X Palm Beach Gardens will do. Whether you are a lone ranger, a startup, or a small business, this workspace has enough room to accommodate both big and small individuals and businesses. The best part is that you don’t have to worry about long-term contracts that will cost you fortunes. There’s a range of membership plans that depend on your requirements. You can get a private office or a dedicated desk if you want thanks to the very flexible agreements.

The design contains modern office furniture with windows running from the floor to the ceiling, plus a terrace patio where you can take a break. It also comes with a lounge area large enough to host up to 100 guests. A cafe is available to serve with literary anything you’d get in a commercial one. Worried about parking? There’s plenty of it (for free) for everyone they allow in.


Another great co-working space is eSuites. It’s a place you can conduct corporate events, team building events, workshops, meetings, lounges, virtual consultancy, and other office work you might have. Whether you want a temporary workspace for a day, a private office for a week, or want to set up your new offices with your employees for a few months, there’s space for you. Like Venture X, their agreements are flexible and affordable.

The furniture in this place is modern with ergonomic features that workers can customize for personal use. Social distancing measures have been put in place to keep everyone safe.

Regus Florida Harbourside Place

Looking for a cool office space where you can work when and how you want? Meet Regus Florida Harbourside Place. In this space, you can do anything related to business from meetings, video communications, virtual offices, to normal office work. Come in as an individual or an entire business with 100 or more workers. Regus Florida Harbourside Place is set up into a collaborative and professional space for all. You come with your needs and everything will be set up to facilitate you.

Ready For New Office Furniture?

Furniture Makes Office Spaces Cool

Offices are not just rooms where you go to work. They are spaces designed to offer professionalism, inspiration, and a collaborative environment where you enjoy working and be productive. But it’s worth noting that it’s furniture that makes this possible. If you need help with space designs, you can look at our office furniture guides. It’s furniture such as cubicles that divides the areas into manageable spaces where people can have their work privacy. Ergonomic office chairs and adjustable tables make the users comfortable and productive. Reach out to Office Furniture Warehouse for furniture recommendations for your workspace. Get directions to our  office furniture showroom near jupiter here.

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