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Most startups begin their journey to success in a small and scrappy office with a few employees performing multiple various tasks, normally meant for people of different work fields, with a goal to grow and eventually move into a larger office. Startups are not the only ones to opt for small working spaces. Some businesses maintain such a setting their entire lifespan. While having less freedom for decor and improvisation, it is important to pick office furniture very wisely, since it will have a major impact on productivity and workflow.


Throughout the years, office designers have been putting in effort to carry out researches on how to improve the modern day office space. The office layout has gone from all private rooms to cubicles, to open space and now transforming into hybrid establishments. Since people are not the same when it comes to personality and thinking, their workspace requirements also differ, that is why giving an employee an option to switch between different layouts might be the best thing you can do.

If you are trying to utilize every inch of your small office, you are most likely considering an open floor layout. While this is a good idea, sometimes it might interfere with employees’ work, who need quiet and at least a little bit of privacy in order to achieve better focus and productivity. That is why even in the smallest office, consider building a shared-use soundproof private enclave, giving everyone the right to use it at any time. Equip that space with a small computer desk, an ergonomic chair and a small coffee table with a plushy compact couch if you are planning to use it for interactions with clients.

When organizing a small office space, it is essential to make the right decisions for where each employee will be placed. One option would be to have the main manager or boss in the middle of the room, so that he could see what everyone is working on and also be reachable at any given time when his or her input is needed. If you think that in your line of work such a set up would create tension because of the feeling of always being watched, and employees are trusted enough to work autonomously, then tell people to come into the office only when they feel the need to do so, allowing them to work from home the rest of the time. Having fewer people at the office at a time will provide the feeling of having more room and create a more relaxed atmosphere with an increased amount of freedom.


Finding room for a work area at home can sometimes be a real challenge. You might already be sharing a small apartment or house with other family members, and have trouble imagining how to fit even very tight office space. The first thing you need to do is find and identify a part of your home, which might not look too obvious at first glance, but could be converted into a small office. It could be a nook in the wall, an oddly shaped kitchen counter, or an extra closet, which you barely use. After you have identified the space, look for a small desk and a small office chair. To keep it really minimalistic, get a simple table, which looks more like a board, and attach it to the wall. Keep the top shelf of the closet and use it for storing documents and files.

To save money and make your little private nook look more inviting, visit some antique or used office furniture stores and look for unique pieces with some character. Paint the walls of the home office space a different color than the rest of the room, or buy some interesting looking wallpaper to go with your antique pieces.


Office space planning is not an easy affair. You have to take into consideration accessibility, physical restrictions of the space, the diversity of your team, natural and artificial lighting, as well as noise reduction. Take a closer look at the types of office layouts to find which one suits you best.

Paired Islands is a layout when office desks are paired in twos, usually facing each other.

Square Seating is an assembly of four desks that form a square or a block in an open layout.

An Assembly Line forms when desks are aligned in rows side by side along the length of the room.

The Bullpen can be achieved by arranging all desks in a circle or a rectangle in order to get the best results in projects requiring collaboration.

Having fewer employees and less room makes it even more important, as well as easier to integrate, some welcoming touches to the workplace. Dedicate a small area for workers to eat and socialize on their lunch break. Install a coffee machine and a snack cabinet. Even little things like that can lead to big results in making employees feel more appreciated and taken care of.