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It’s no surprise that activity is good for the human body; unfortunately, more jobs than ever before require employees to sit at their desks for hours on end, staring into computer screens and getting up only for short walks to the break room or, if they’re lucky, across the office several times.

As a result, workers’ happiness and productivity is affected by the lack of movement. Even worse, some may sustain injuries to their backs, wrists, necks and other areas of the body if the office does not provide ergonomic office furniture.

Ergonomic chairs protect workers’ health, prevent disease

Recent studies have shown that people who sit for a majority of their days and live a sedentary life – which is sometimes unavoidable, thanks to jobs that require mostly desk work – are at a higher risk of developing life-threatening conditions and diseases, including heart disease. When offices don’t give workers access to ergonomic desk chairs, it may also lead to further health problems, including increased weight gain and obesity, diabetes, cholesterol build-up and a lower metabolism, among others.

However, one problem that workers may recognize sooner than any of these health concerns is spine health, specifically how uncomfortable office furniture makes them feel and how it negatively affects their productivity. Even employees who like their job may soon dread coming into the office to work if their workspace isn’t comfortable or conductive to their health and happiness. This can be remedied by providing staff with high-quality ergonomic office furniture.

This is a picture of a Global Factor chair.

How to choose the best ergonomic office chair for the job

When business owners and office designers set out to outfit their workspaces with ergonomic office furniture, it can certainly seem like a daunting task. For starters, there are plenty of options that all provide support to different parts of the body and promote health, but all of these options may be overwhelming, not to mention expensive.

Purchasing high-quality, name-brand ergonomic office chairs from Office Furniture Warehouse is a solution to one of these problems – we are a one-stop shop for ergonomic office furniture and offer a large selection of cost-effective office solutions online – but it’s also important to know what furniture qualities will most benefit workers.

Here are a few things to look for in ergonomic office chairs and how they can affect employees’ productivity, happiness and health, now and in the future:

It is a common misconception that workers who sit at desks for their jobs don’t risk getting injured on the job, but it couldn’t be further from the truth, especially when considering non-ergonomic furniture. In fact, according to information from the American Chiropractic Association and the physician-created Spine-Health website, back pain is one of the most commonly reported work injuries, and it can occur when people simply sit down and do computer work for a majority of their days.

Non-accidental injury on the job occurs when workers sustain back injuries and pain as a result of doing normal work tasks – no heavy lifting or out-of-the-ordinary activities are involved. Utilizing ergonomic desk chairs reduces the chance that this type of injury by lessening instances of slouching, limited chair mechanics and movement and fatigue caused by sitting in one position for too long.

One of the most important features of ergonomic computer chairs is movement. Workers who are supported by high-quality ergonomic chairs are able to move freely when seated, adjust seat height and not feel confined between non-adjustable computer chair arms.

Ergonomic office chair seats should be able to be adjusted to a height that promotes employees’ comfort and spinal health, or 16 to 21 inches off the floor for most people. This may be determined and adjusted to ensure people’s feet are flat on the floor, their arms do not need to reach awkwardly toward the keyboard or desktop, and thighs are parallel to the floor. It is recommended that ergonomic computer chair seats are between 17 and 20 inches wide, which not only gives workers freedom to adjust positions during the day, but also allows them to comfortably rest their backs on the chairs’ adjustable backs.

Because the spine is curved and is connected to all other parts of the body, its alignment during the day – especially when seated for hours at a time – is imperative to comfort and health. For this reason, it’s especially important for office designers, supervisors and furniture-buyers to consider lumbar support and the movement of a chair’s backrest.

Office furniture chairs should support the curved lower back and be designed to encourage correct posture and prevent slouching. While this may be achieved by providing workers with posture-perfecting tips, it’s even more important to utilize ergonomic chairs with fully adjustable backrests that are between 12 and 19 inches wide and offer sufficient lumbar support. Ergonomic chairs in the workplace have been proven to reduce symptoms of dysfunction in workers.

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Used ergonomic office furniture saves money, improves the workplace

Thanks to the recent push for healthier office furniture options, there has been a spotlight on ergonomic office chairs. Reports from medical associations and job centers alike have made the connection between employee health, comfort and productivity, which can affect a business’s success and its customers’ satisfaction. We cary a large inventory of used office chairs.


In short, a lot rides on how employees feel and perform on the job. When considering making the switch to high-quality, comfortable ergonomic computer chairs, Office Furniture Warehouse provides businesses options for a budget-friendly office furniture design that is cost-efficient, comfortable and boosts productivity to new levels.

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