The Ultimate Ergonomic Workstation For Your Miami Home Office

Whether someone is a home-based entrepreneur or has the luxury of working remotely, office workstations should be ergonomic. Unlike their more traditional counterparts, home offices are furnished by the user. So they can be equipped for maximum comfort.

Desk injuries: Not a Thing With the Ultimate Ergonomic Workstation

There are a number of ways to become hurt at your desk. Repetitive strain injury is often caused by a poorly formed desk arrangement. The simple act of slouching can tense shoulders, pitch nerves and strain wrists.

Here is what you need to have an ergonomic office space:

Ergonomic chairCushion – The seating on a chair should be a plush yet firm surface. Additionally, units with breathable fabric are a better option.

Seat height – A good rule of thumb is for a person’s thighs to run parallel to the floor, and feet should be planted firmly. It’s best for arms to rest at desk or keyboard height.

Back rest – It’s easy to slouch when sitting for prolonged periods. An adjustable back rest accounts for posture and counteract that. In most cases, it should point forward to encourage a straight posture.

Swivel and roll features – Reaching for far-away items can lead to muscle strain. Opt for a swivel chair with wheels to easily move from place to place.

A Miami Home Office Needs Great Keyboard Placement

A mouse and keyboard should be directly adjacent to each other. Keyboards with numeric pads shouldn’t be directly centered on desks. Look for the “B” key and use that as a marker to place in front of the user. Also, look for the add-on wrist rests for both the keyboard and mouse.

The Ultimate Ergonomic Workstation is Not Complete Without Monitors

Set up the computer screen in front of the user, and adjust the display. A slight angle is easier on the eyes.

Extra measures for Your Miami Home Office 

Breaks – Home-based offices lack daily interaction, so there may be no need to get up and walk around. But it’s important to take breaks because extended periods of sitting, in an ergonomic workstation or not, can take a toll on the body.

The 20-20-20 rule – An easy to remember tip is to look away from your monitor every 20 minutes at an object 20 feet away for a full 20 seconds. It helps keep eyes oxygenated and flexible.

Posture – Working from home can cause bad habits such as slouching. It’s important to be mindful of posture to not slip into a harmful position.

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