Fort Lauderdale Is Becoming A Tech Hub, Is Your Office Ahead Of the curve?

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Fort Lauderdale that was once known to be a retreat for senior citizens and retirees is rapidly changing the narrative to become a modern tech hub. It’s attracting some of the brightest minds in the world of tech with numerous tech companies starting from scratch and flourishing. Chewy is a clear testament to this growth as it has taken over 50% of the pet food industry. As you’d expect Americans are relocating here, investors buying property and building offices to accommodate the thriving urban population.

Why is Fort Lauderdale attracting tech companies all over the country? Let’s see some of the reasons the tech world is taking notice of this town over others.

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Reasons Why Fort Lauderdale is a Booming Tech Hub

Fort Lauderdale is attracting new talent and tech startups as other major cities across the country have become riddled with issues. Here are some of the reasons entrepreneurs are choosing Fort Lauderdale Florida as their home base.

Downtown Fort Lauderdale is Rapidly Growing

By May 2019, the urban population of Fort Lauderdale had grown by 30%. That has led to the construction of new apartments and condos all over the town. Startup businesses across industries like restaurants, tech offices, construction, and more are equally growing and admitting young professionals across the board.

Expanding Infrastructure

The infrastructure of Fort Lauderdale is continually expanding. You can work on one end of town and live on the other end without facing travel issues. Move around conveniently without worrying about traffic congestions and delays to conduct your business. Virgin train is an example of a transport network that has opened up this city.

Increasing Neighborhoods

Because of the many tech businesses around Fort Lauderdale, neighborhoods are also increasing to accommodate the growing population. There is no room for loneliness as the community is diverse and vibrant. One can interact with others from different fields and even those they think alike with.

Perfect Culture for Young People

Like most of Florida, Fort Lauderdale provides a great climate and culture for young people. Since young people are interested in tech, this city has increasingly attracted talented millennials with startup ideas.

Florida Educational Institutions

As more business people get interested and invest in businesses across Fort Lauderdale, there’s growth in jobs. This attracts talented individuals from different professional backgrounds to fill the opportunities.

Florida Atlantic University and the University of Miami are just a few of the educational institutions that encourage young people to join entrepreneurship. The education they provide is world-class and the growing number of talented graduates join some of the startups in Fort Lauderdale into success.

How Your Office Needs to Adapt to the New Changes in Fort Lauderdale


Plan for the Growing Customer Based

Fort Lauderdale is continually growing and that only means a thriving customer base, more demand on businesses requiring you to expand to be able to serve the masses. As a business owner, you need to plan your office to suit your workforce in the present and future. But be careful not to assert yourself too much from the onset. Have an extra or two workstations so that when the demand arises, you have a place to accommodate an extra person.

Integrate Technology in Your Operations

There’s no better time to modernize your office space in Fort Lauderdale to keep up with the times.. That’s how you increase efficiency, attract talent, and boost productivity. That means integrating modern computer systems, projection screens, and other modern equipment that make work and communication seamless.   Tech also involves finding ways to reduce energy consumption and adopting eco-friendly policies. High-speed internet connectivity ensures employees connect with each other even from afar.

Most importantly, make your workspaces functional and collaborative. That means long tables plus ergonomic office chairs that employees can use comfortably.

Provide a Flexible Space

A flexible workspace will try and blend the old and the new. While most offices are open plan in Fort Lauderdale, you should think about integrating cubicles to create workspaces that work for your staff. Ensure the high traffic areas like near toilets, kitchens, break rooms, staircases, are free from workstations. Some of the spaces you should integrate include:

Special rooms specifically established for a quiet time where employees can find their uninterrupted moments. Employees should know this room is set aside and not for calls, music, chatting, eating, and other activities other than resting.

You also need to set up a call room particularly if you are in an open office model. That way those on calls avoid distraction from colleagues and get their privacy. These rooms should be soundproofed with sound-absorbing panels. With such, those on calls don’t worry that they are interfering with others as they work.

Make the most out of natural light and the environment. It’s proven that sunlight helps improve mood and is another great way to save on power bills. You should also add some green in your office, not just for decor but also to create oxygen for a fresher workspace.

Keep Your Brand Consistent

Your office should always reflect your values and brand. This reminds employees to stay on course and show clients you are serious with whatever you are doing. Pay attention to the color scheme of your walls, furniture, integrate the logo somewhere, brand the mugs, and other work appliances as many as possible.

Mistakes You Might Be Making

Sticking to Your Old Office Furniture Too Long

Office furniture plays an important role in making your workspace productive. You should make sure they are in good condition and serving their purpose. Some business owners stick with their old furniture too long exposing their staff to health risks. Some chairs are on the verge of collapsing. On the contrary, you should be on the lookout for ergonomic furniture solutions that will improve how your workers are functioning.

Copying Other Businesses – An office design that works for other businesses around you will not necessarily be good for your business. Quit copying. Instead, find unique solutions that work for your situation and business. Involve those around you if you truly want to make your office a productive workspace.

 Know Where To Get Your Furniture

Is your office ahead of the curve? The recommendations we provide in this article are important in ensuring you have a functional and productive office. As a vendor of office furniture in Fort Lauderdale, we are ready to supply you with modern solutions to make your office comfortable, productive, and adaptive to oncoming trends. We have all things furniture for all manner of offices on our website and local warehouse. Office Furniture Warehouse is only a phone call away.

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