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After setting up the centerpiece furniture, such as office workstations, free standing desks, and ergonomic chairs in a newly acquired or remodeled office space, it becomes time to think about where to store all the necessary files, paperwork, and personal belongings. There are several types of furniture to help you with putting away office inventory in an organized and neat manner. Find out what you can do with lateral and vertical filing cabinets, office shelving and office cabinets.


Open-File Shelving is the best option when it comes to storage with easy to reach inventory and maximum space. Unlike lateral file cabinets, this type of shelving does not require extra space for opening drawers, as a result taking up 60% less space.

Bi-File Shelving works great when installed into nooks or limited width spaces. The cabinets are placed two or three levels deep and can be switched by rotating the levels around. It can either be purchased as its own unit or added to an existing storage space.

Pull Out Retractable Shelves offer the option to be pulled out one at a time, or be pushed in together, out of the way of coming and going office traffic. They should be considered as an option when there is a need for a great deal of files to be stored out of plain sight.

Mobile Shelving is dynamic office storage with the ability to be moved around on its tracks by pushing a button or cranking a handle. It helps to save space by compressing together and eliminating the gaps between the units, which otherwise would be needed for employees to walk around in until the desired storage item is located.


Rotary Cabinets are made up of a double-sided rotating mechanism, which can be concealed into a wall in order to become unnoticeable or to blend in with existing office decor. Items stored within can be easily accessed by pushing down on a foot pedal, which activates the rotating mechanism. Rotary cabinets come in various sizes and have the option to be locked for safety purposes. For more information on storage products click here.


If you are working from home, it is likely that your office space is fairly limited. To optimize the designated work area, it is very important to keep it organized and well arranged. Not only will it help to save space, but it will also make it much easier to concentrate and be productive.

Once you found a suitable area in your home for an office space, locate a local office furniture store. Most home office furniture stores will assist you with getting the best office furniture for your home. Take measurements of your workspace and bring them to one of the furniture store consultants.

When choosing a desk, look for one that fits your space the best, as well as comes with the most drawers. Some computer desks and office desks come with multiple drawers on both sides, as well as a drawer right under the desktop. To save room on the top of the desk, find a computer desk that has a small pull out shelf for the keyboard.

If you are planning to spend many hours at the desk, be sure to get a comfortable ergonomic office chair. It will help you avoid getting back pains, as well as provide assistance for maintaining good posture. Choose a height adjustable chair with wheels, so that you could push part of it under the desk once the work is done. It will save you some space.


While an office bookcase might be the most obvious option when it comes to storing files and documents, floating shelves are possibly a better space-saving solution. Hang them over your office desk along with some wall cabinets for putting away things you do not want to leave out in the open. You can also purchase some plastic or fabric bins and boxes to store on your floating shelves. Small colorful filing cabinets add character to the decor, if you have extra room to spare.


Sometimes putting things away in an organized and space-saving manner can be a real hassle. If you have a lot of things that need to be harbored, try thinking outside the box and instead of hiding, store items in plain sight using some modern decor ideas.

Mobile Pedestals are one the most dynamic storage units you can have in an office. They work great when it comes to transferring items from place to place for shared access. If your employees handle stacks of files, which need to go through multiple people for processing, mobile pedestals will surely get the job done in a discreet manner, without having piles of messy documents stacked on someone’s desk.

Colorful Filing Cabinets can bring in some playfulness into office interior decor. They come in various shapes and sizes to fit large and small offices. If the room is filled with white or black computer desks and gray ergonomic chairs, colorful filing cabinets will surely become the centerpiece of office decor.

Hanging Industrial Shelves would be a great fit for a minimalistic and modern office. When hung over an office desk, these shelves will add character to the interior design, as well as save plenty of office space, since they do not take up extra room on the floor.

Hanging Cabinets go great with floating shelves. They provide private storage for items, which are not suitable for being left out in the open. Such cabinets are normally fairly small and come with two sliding or regular opening doors. Match them with hanging shelves, or choose a contrasting style for a bolder look.


Office storage does not have to be dull or bulky like it used to be a while ago. Furniture companies offer innovative storage units for offices that want to put effort into creating decor for everyone to love.

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