Why Your Office Style And Expertise Needs To Match

office style

It isn’t something talked about often, but your office style really needs to match your expertise. For example, if you walked into a lawyer’s office and saw outdated furniture and the carpet in disrepair, you would turn around and run. The same is true for any work environment in any field.

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Your Office Style Reflects Work Style

When someone walks into your office, the individual makes a snap judgment about your work style. This is important because it has a great impact on your relationship with that person. For example, if you are cluttered or in disarray, it will be assumed the work is done in a cluttered way. On the other hand, when you walk into a doctor’s office, which is comfortable and yet sterile, a person will feel relaxed by the atmosphere and believe the doctor is careful about cleanliness in their work.

Take stock of what your style says. It may help to have an unbiased person walk into the work environment and give you honest feedback. Then, take notes and think about how to change your office style to reflect your work style.


Why Office Style Is Important To Team Members

Your employees will benefit greatly from a work environment that reflects their work. If the office furniture is old and needs repair, your team members won’t be as interested in working at their full potential. Check if the layout is not conducive to accessing files, offering necessary privacy, or is too small to complete tasks. Lighting is equally important. Natural lighting helps motivate a person, or simulated sunlight can help a lot.

Most importantly, talk to your team members about how to improve the office space. While you won’t be able to meet everyone’s desires, it is helpful to understand how to support their work style while creating the right office space. By listening to your managers and team members, you also foster collaboration that will create an improved workspace that results in business growth.


office style


5 Types Of Office Design To Consider

When it comes to your office style, consider the five types that most people see in the world. Of course, you will certainly manipulate the area to reflect your brand or organization, but this is a good place to start.


Bare Bones

The Bare Bones office style is for those who want to focus on work and not stress about decor. You will find folding desks and basic chairs. Minimal decor and only the essential work items necessary. It exudes a detail-oriented work style and flexible nature. This is a great style for start-ups and offices that do not see clients face-to-face. It’s a great money saver, but it won’t last that long. At some point, teams will require more comfortable seating and furniture conducive to maintaining the workflow.



The Classic office style is centered around dark wood desks and matching bookshelves and hutches. There are no filing cabinets to speak of as it deters from this look. You will also notice minimal decor as the wood furniture serves as the decoration. This style notes an air of sophistication and a sense of tradition. Your job title will be traditional and is a famous choice for corporate culture worldwide.



The contemporary look is about clean lines and modern art. Here you may find conference rooms made from windows rather than locked away in a large office. These work environments exude a bold attitude that is not afraid of tough decision-making and new concepts. They are risk-takers and open to rejuvenation. The employees feel like they are team players and proud of the work they do. They don’t feel like it’s just another workplace or job; it’s a place to make real change in the world. Cubicles are more open for team members, and conference rooms are less closed off. Projects are often doled out to small groups rather than an entire department. Every part of the office is dolled up so that everyone gets a real sense of pride at the workplace.



The Eco-Friendly office is devoted to their work while caring about the environment. These offices are often paperless and have recycling bins at every desk. Office furniture will be made of recycled materials or plant-based so it can be recycled later. Lighting will be set to turn off in an empty room, or managers will institute a “lights off” policy. The decor will be lots of potted plants around entryways and even at desks. This office will also be well-known for problem-solving as they do the same jobs as others while lowering their carbon footprint. This also reflects a work style that cares about the community and environment as a whole.


State Of The Art

This workplace has all of the latest high-tech for improved productivity and evolves with the changing workplace. Every cubicle, office, and conference room has all the latest tech, and the workers are well-educated in their functions. Their skills are equally as state of the art as the office. This is an office that focuses on collaboration in technology and is open to new ideas. Everyone can communicate their needs and thoughts well, and their importance is known.


Everywhere you go, the workspace is outfitted for plenty of power and lots of data. Here you will find people hot-desking as opposed to assigned seating. Floor plans are open, and the work style is the same. You will find screens and laptops everywhere, even right down to the decor. It exudes an air of expertise in the future and a career in technology. Very forward-thinking and often out-of-the-box solutions arise from these spaces.


Updating The Physical Space

Creating and updating the office space can be quite simple once you know what office style appeals to you most. You can certainly combine office styles to match your own. Who says you can’t have a classic wood desk in your state-of-the-art office? Or a contemporary theme with eco-friendly materials? The important thing is that workflow is not hindered, and it is supportive of your expertise and work styles. You can shop for new or used office furniture to get the right look. Look for sales from offices that close for artwork and decor. Make a layout of how you want the office to look while respecting the physical dimensions of the workplace.


Gaining Success With The Right Work Environment

When it comes to office style and work style, look at other corporations and how they have made their office work best for them. Ensure that there are important elements of your work culture reflected in the office style. Such as:

  • promoting a work/life balance
  • promoting collaboration amongst teams
  • problem-solving for a positive outcome
  • offers support to clients and colleagues
  • open communication within the company to foster a united atmosphere

Once you have done all of this, you will see success grow quicker than before. Your clients will view you as an expert in your field. Your employees will feel respected and needed in their particular job. But, most importantly, you will feel like you are in the right direction with the business.