Choose the Right Size Cubicles For Your Office

The Right Size Cubicles For Your Office

The word cubicle strikes many folks as “old-fashioned,” and rightly so. Designer Robert Propst invented the cubicle in the 1960s for an office furniture firm. Back then, offices were nothing more than rows and rows of desks. Phone calls could easily be drowned out by the drone of typewriters and mild chatter amongst employees. The cubicle was a way to create a private space so someone could complete tasks without distraction

While we envision the boring, drab, gray cubicle so often depicted in movies, cubicles have come a long way. They come in different sizes, materials, and new layouts. They are flexible enough to provide the right productive space you need and create a fantastic workflow. You can also spruce up your area to reflect personal flair. So let’s dive into buying the right size cubicles for your office.

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How Important Is It To Have Cubicles

All offices are not created equal. Many offices combine an open office feel while utilizing some office cubicles to create the right workflow. It is also important that modular cubicles and cubicle sizes encourage a positive office culture. Finding the balance between private offices and the right-sized cubicle for staying in touch is significant to the workflow.

Choosing The Right Size Office Cubicles

There are a few things to consider when choosing the right cubicle size. Those factors include:

  • Privacy level
  • Crew size and office space
  • Interactions between employees
  • Storage needs
  • Office furniture and supplies

Let’s review each of these to get a clearer picture of what to consider before shopping.

Privacy Level

Privacy becomes very important in cubicle systems when precious information is involved. This may be regarding medical personnel, conference space, or human resources. While a confidential office is best for those jobs, cubicle panels can serve very well for privacy. Look for higher walled cubicles, such as the demountable walls. These are ideal; they offer cubicles with doors. 

For even more privacy, consider the panel thickness for the employees working in that space. Panels can absorb conversation from phone calls and face-to-face contact. Larger layouts may also be needed to have seated privacy between the person working and a client or co-workers.

Team Size and Office Space

Choose a cubicle layout that reflects your teams. For example, customer service call centers might be four people, and the marketing team is eight. The larger squad is going to need a different cubicle design than the customer service crew. Work surfaces will also need to be considered as one team may need much larger desks than another. This is where various cubicle styles come into play for making the most of your office space.

Interactions Between Employees

Some teams require a lot of interaction between employees. Tall cubicle walls won’t do for this sort of situation. In this case, you want to find ones that feature shorter walls for quick communication. Team members can stand up and talk to the person next to them. Post and beam or benching systems are excellent examples of cubicles that foster teamwork.

Storage Needs

Even though we live in a world that relies on the cloud for storage, we still have things that need to be nearby. While the main storage closet for general office supplies is beneficial, some departments may need additional storage to which only they have access. For example, finance departments are usually the ones who need a bit of extra room for paperwork. Consider shelves and filing cabinets that can fit around the work table. Overhead bins are a common feature and help with office design to be efficient without the bulk. 

Office Furniture and Supplies

When settling on cubicle type, extra space for all necessary furniture and supplies is important. As mentioned previously, overhead supply space, shelving units, and filing cabinets should be worked with while determining the size of the cubicle. Some questions to ask are:

  • What kind of desk is required to complete the work?
  • Will only one employee be in the cubicle?
  • Will an additional chair be required in the space?
  • Does the employee need a printer on the work surface or nearby?

The idea is to provide just enough space for all the necessary equipment and giving employees the ability to do their work.

Benefits Of The Right Size Cubicles

The right size office cubicles come with so many benefits. One benefit is the affordability for well-established or new businesses to create a workspace, rather than finding a space with the right number and type of solitary workspaces for everyone. Here are some other advantages to consider:

  • Offers the feeling of openness while also offering privacy when needed
  • Increased productivity due to the ease of collaborating to get the work done
  • Maximize your space- cubicles are amenable and allow for creativity in utilizing space
  • Employees can decorate their workstations and allows colleagues to learn more about each other
  • Promotes unity within the workforce since offices don’t separate them
  • It saves money compared to ensuring everyone has a separate office

Modern Office Cubicle Costs

When purchasing office cubicles, there are a few things to keep in mind. A used standard office cubicle can run around $1000 per employee. If you want more control over wall height, square footage, fabric on partitions, and necessary accessories, then brand new is the way to go. New cubicles can easily cost $1500 or more per employee. If you need telemarketing cubicles or call center cubicles, you can find them for about $500. Finally, if you want cubicles with all the necessary electrical plugs, pedestal files, phone connections, and internet-ready, it will cost more. Expect around $2000 per employee.

We Provide Exceptional Service At Competitive Prices

We at Office Furniture Warehouse have made it our goal to provide everyone exceptional service and fair and competitive prices. We have been offering standard office cubicles and modular offices since 1990 and are a leading retailer in Southern Florida. Contact us today so we can discuss all your cubicle needs and how to make them happen.

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