Picking The Right Business Furniture For Miami’s Wynwood Art District


What was once a warehouse-filled manufacturing district of Miami is now a bustling art mecca. In the last 10 years, Wynwood has seen a stark change in demographics. The neighborhood contains 70 art galleries, retail shops, and bars. Additionally, every Saturday there is a large open-air street festival where local crafters showcase their work.

Wynwood is a large district in Miami and is adjacent to Midtown and Edgewater. According to the South Florida Business Journal, large developers have taken an interest in this neighborhood with a 104,750 square foot piece of real estate recently selling for $8.5 million. Additionally, Ducati Miami, a luxury motorcycle brand, is set to be the anchor tenant in a showroom in the Gateway Building.

If you decide to open an office in one of the new developments, located in this vibrant art district, you would need furniture to match. Here are a few tips to help you furnish your new creative space.

Miami Office Layout for Wynwood Art District

Contemporary creative firms operate in open space environments. They do not contain many walls in these layouts because barriers can hinder collaboration. Instead, loft areas are built with a mix of traditional rooms and large communal spaces. Creative spaces and your standard office cubicle layouts generally don’t mix, so embrace the imagination with an open concept office!

Take advantage of Miami’s sunlight with large windows. Creative people need to experience nature and other sensory-stimulating elements to fuel idea generation. The goal is to make the office space feel less cramped and more inviting, and nothing does that better than the Miami sunshine.

Have the bulk of your employees sit at office workstations. These units come in a variety of sizes and have customizable features. Models with bench seating offer a casual workspace, perfect for laid-back company cultures. Others have more of a structured design with partial walls, which provide the ultimate balance between privacy and coworker accessibility.

Equip each office workstation with an ergonomic chair. This seating option is available in numerous styles, helping maintain a cohesive balance between function and design. Choose one with a stylish mesh backrest or an interesting print.

Office Solutions for the Wynwood Art District

Do not let technology get in the way of your creative workspace. Many desks have built-in slots, through which to feed cables. If you need extra light, there is a variety of sleek modern desk lamps available. Additionally, graphic designers can mount their keyboard and monitors to the wall or working surface.

Want to create a comfortable and collaborative work environment? Visit the Office Furniture Warehouse website to turn your vision into reality.

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Office Furniture Tips

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