The Only Used Cubicle Buying Guide You Will Ever Need

The Only Used Cubicle Buying Guide You Will Ever Need

Cubicles come with a harsh reputation for dividing people and are not conducive to creative collaborations. It then became the norm to offer open spaces to promote unity and collaboration. However, a study in 2018 showed that open workspaces did the exact opposite. Many offices are now switching back to cubicles to create privacy but respect the need for teamwork. Many more are incorporating the cubicle and the open office space to make the work area more inviting but with privacy.

These same offices are looking to used office cubicles to achieve the best of both worlds. Buying used cubicles is not a new concept, but many people still stumble around trying to find the right fit. This guide will be the only one you need to find what fits your needs and stay within budget.

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Know Your Budget For Used Office Cubicles

As with all financial endeavors, knowing your budget for refurbished cubicles is important. You will need to consider more than just cubicle walls when it comes to cost. Here are all the things you need to consider:

  • cost of transportation – the further away, the more expensive it gets
  • cubicle setup – installation assistance comes with a price
  • design services – if you need help figuring out where everything will go
  • lost work time – unless you can arrange for someone to do it outside of office hours, which often incurs another fee
  • cost of the cubicles
  • cost of any storage space and filing cabinets you need to acquire

As you can see, the costs are not as simple as choosing cubicles. Once you know what you are working with financially, your next step is to investigate your office.

Be Mindful Of Your Office Space

Your office may have a lot of square footage until you try to divide it up into cubicles. There is a lot to consider when installing pre-owned cubicles. 

Always Consider Employees’ Needs 

Will one, two, or more employees be in the same cubicle, or are you trying to give everyone a private space? It’s a nice idea for everyone to have their own room, but that requires more material to accomplish that goal. Figuring out who needs the most privacy, such as your call center in the back, is where to start planning for first. Then you can move through each department to determine priorities.

The Furniture Plays A Role

You have to pay close attention to what you already have. Office desks, filing cabinets, office chairs, and other work surfaces must be considered. Filling an office is not easy and takes careful planning. Talking to folks at an office furniture store is helpful. At Office Furniture Warehouse, we work with all of our clients to achieve their office goals. 

If it helps with planning, measure the filing cabinet, desk space, chairs, printers, phones, and anything else that helps the employee complete their tasks. Remember, this is a cost-effective solution and shouldn’t require you to spend money on new equipment. Ensuring that used cubicles are available will allow employees to use their everyday tools and complete their tasks.

What Type Of Cubicle Do You Need?

There are many types of office cubicles to accommodate the type of workspace your employees need. But, again, consideration of the department and the type of work they do is helpful. 

Wall height – panel systems come in a variety of heights and widths. Tall ones provide the feel of a private office but are still easily accessible. In addition, they reduce noise so that phone calls and meetings are not interrupted or heard easily. Lower wall panels are perfect for team members who have to speak to one another frequently, like a sales team. There is no need to walk to the cubicle around the corner; you can just look over at the person next to you. 

Data connection – some cubicles offer easy access to data and electrical connections. Since everyone needs access to the internet and a few need telephones, access is important. Ensure that your options won’t hinder your connections.

Storage Space – every office needs some storage space. Overhead bins, cabinets, and even hooks for coats and umbrellas are important. Some cubicles work well with your existing storage; you want to look at those first since the cost can drop a significant amount. 

Now that you know what it is you are looking for, it’s time to think about what to watch out for. 

What To Look For When Shopping Around

To start, buying refurbished cubicles is your best bet. Refurbished means that used cubicles have gone through a process to update and reinforce them. They are in better shape than they were before, but not like new. There are companies to look for, like Allsteel Terrace Cubicles and Herman Miller, that are high-quality and will last you a long time. Other things to consider when buying used cubicles are:

  • materials – durable materials are what you need to avoid replacing walls later
  • wear and tear – there will be some wear and tear with used cubicles; it’s how much you need to look for
  • avoid warping – cubicles that are warped should be avoided

Now you may be asking, what are the advantages and disadvantages of buying used rather than new cubicles. We have an answer that may help you.

Pros & Cons Of Used Office Cubicles

Many companies struggle with the tight budget and outfitting their office with new cubicles and furniture. Here are the pros and cons of buying used cubicles for any business.


  • Save money – new cubicles are very expensive
  • Can last a long time – buy new furniture and cubicles when the business has grown
  • Ecologically friendly – save cubicles from the landfills
  • Customizable – employees can make their space their own, and you can make the panels work for you
  • Little to no waiting – you can pick up your cubicles on the same day


  • Selection – limited availability means you do not have the wide range of selection like you would with new office cubicles
  • Hidden costs – repairs and replacement can happen sooner than you expect
  • Transportation – making arrangements for delivery can be a costly endeavor 
  • Unknown history – you just don’t know how someone handled their panels before you looked at them 

Buy From Expert Refurbished Office Furniture Dealers

Don’t cruise the local ads on Craigslist for used office furniture and cubicles! The likelihood of getting decent cubicles is pretty low. Instead, it is far better to talk to authorized dealers who routinely sell used cubicles and office furniture. Here at Office Furniture Warehouse, we understand what it is like buying cubicles. We can assist you with finding high-quality used panel systems and furniture that will transform your offices. Call us today and talk with one of our experts about what options are available to you.

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