Active Chairs For Office Workstations


Sitting in an office chair for an extended period of time can cause lower back pain or even worsen an existing problem. As you sit in a chair, your back, shoulders, legs, and arms will feel stress and cause added pressure to your back muscles, according to the Occupational Safety & Health Administration. Spending an extended period of time in a chair also causes most workers to slouch, further straining spinal discs. Active chairs for Office Workstations should be a top priority for any office that has workers sitting for 5 or more hours per day.

The right chair can help with back support and help you maintain good posture as you sit. According to The Wall Street Journal, the following active office chairs will give workers a safe seat in addition to a mini-workout. As you hunt for discount office furniture, consider the following options.

Active Office Furniture 

ErgoErgo looks mostly like a cylinder and is made out of recycled plastic. As you sit on the chair, your body will move and keep your core muscles engaged. The chair gives your body the ability to slightly sway in any direction, building flexibility.

Swooper Office Chair 

Aeris Swooper has a significant cushion for added comfort. The chair’s height and tension are adjustable. This allows users to utilize a range of motions, which strengthen abdominal muscles. This space-age technology will help prevent injury, reduce carpal tunnel, and foster a creative environment for your entire staff.