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June 21, 2023 / By Bob Collins

Creating a Comfortable Home Office for Remote Work

As the popularity of remote work continues to rise, the need for a comfortable and productive home office has become increasingly important. Designing a workspace that supports well-being and efficiency requires careful consideration of

June 6, 2023 / By Bob Collins

How Office Furniture Layout Impacts Your Workday

As the modern world becomes more demanding and fast-paced, productivity has become a valuable commodity. In order to achieve optimal productivity, one must have an efficient workspace. The design of an office can have

February 28, 2022 / By Bob Collins

Tips For Arranging Office Furniture

A thoughtfully laid-out office makes a significant difference in employee happiness. Studies consistently show the physical environment impacts employee behavior, productivity, and satisfaction. An essential aspect of creating a relaxed and efficient office is choosing the

December 31, 2021 / By Bob Collins

How To Get A Positive Office Workflow

Is your office feeling a bit stale lately? Maybe the creative juices aren’t flowing quite like they used to. In the age of a pandemic, people are feeling displaced and unsure of themselves. This

December 15, 2021 / By Bob Collins

Why Your Office Style And Expertise Needs To Match

It isn’t something talked about often, but your office style really needs to match your expertise. For example, if you walked into a lawyer’s office and saw outdated furniture and the carpet in disrepair,

October 15, 2021 / By Bob Collins

Re-Opening The Office? This Checklist Can Help

All across the country, offices are reopening or considering reopening. However, with the rise and fall of COVID-19 cases, there are many concerns about workplace safety. No one wants to spread a virus or

March 31, 2021 / By Bob Collins

Do You Need An Office Design Consultant?

Every business owner wants their business to be the best. That’s why you have to take the extra step and ensure your staff love where they work to increase productivity. A proper design and

November 25, 2020 / By Bob Collins

Best Cubicle And Workstation Designs In 2022

The right cubicles and workstations can make all the difference in an office space. Office Furniture can change how your customers view your business, and the ways your employees keep safe and management engages