How To Get A Positive Office Workflow

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Is your office feeling a bit stale lately? Maybe the creative juices aren’t flowing quite like they used to. In the age of a pandemic, people are feeling displaced and unsure of themselves. This translates into a less than enjoyable workspace at times. While focusing on work gives people something to look forward to, it may not be as hopeful as you’d like it to be. If you are noticing the vibe is a bit “off” these days, it’s time to consider what your office furniture and workflow process are like.

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Efficiency And Workflow Processes

If you want to boost employee morale, sometimes all it takes is to take a look around at the overall energy in the office. If you have furniture that is old and falling apart, it will make your team feel bogged down by unnecessary stress. Fresh starts sometimes need a fresh look! Talk to your team members and ask them these questions:

  • Are you physically comfortable while working?
  • Are you constantly too cold or too hot?
  • Can you get to everything you need to without losing too much time?
  • Do you feel overstimulated or understimulated?

These questions may not sound very important when it comes to increasing workflow efficiency but one small change motivates employees in ways we don’t expect.

Easy Access Is Everything

When considering the layout of your office, how easy is it to get to the printer or conference room? If you have cubicles that hinder walking, it may be time to change the style or do a different layout completely. Feeling like there is a continual flow in the office is the most important aspect of your office design. Your team doesn’t want to feel like they are traveling through a maze to get work done and often leads to a decrease in proper communication.

Useful Tech Helps Workflow Management

There are so many wonderful tech gadgets and applications that provide ways to increase productivity and office efficiency. However, not all of them will work for your needs. If it creates more tasks to be completed, ditch it. You want to work smarter without loading yourself down with unnecessary tasks. Find the tools that implement automation for those menial tasks and keep your team focused on the important stuff.

Many businesses are now a hybrid in-office and work-at-home office. While this feels like it hinders the workflow, it requires the right tools to increase workflow efficiency. Listen to the needs of your office team members and those at home. Tools like video conferencing, Slack instant messaging, and shared calendars are the best ways to grow a successful business.

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Avoid The Clutter

Cluttered work areas create chaos in our minds. Yes, we all know that there is an employee somewhere with a cluttered desk who swears by their process. The truth is, the more clutter there is, the less productivity is happening. No one wants their time wasted, so why dig through piles of “stuff” to find what you need. Consider a central storage area for paperwork that must be kept on hand. Going digital and backing up to the cloud is the most ideal option to save time and money on storage. It is also far easier to look up a file in Dropbox than it is to go to the storage closet and dig through boxes.

Be Mindful Of Light And Sound

The most significant area of improvement is your lighting and sound levels. Natural light is by far the best when it comes to an office’s productivity. Bright sunshine pouring in keeps people wide awake and alert. It can reduce distractions and make people feel happier. Team members exposed to natural lighting are more likely to tackle those difficult tasks before menial daily tasks. They will also work at a faster pace and perform quicker brainstorming sessions.

Be Flexible About Workspace

While a desk and chair are a standard in most offices, but there are other options to consider. Some people work better being able to move about and change scenery. Working in a lounge, on a loveseat, with a laptop may be more productive for a person than sitting at a desk. People who switch to a standing desk for part of their day feel less stress physically on their bodies. When we become stagnant in our thinking, a new environment can cause us to change a thinking pattern. Some fresh air for a few minutes can make immediate decisions much easier.

When considering a new office design to improve your workflow, give us a call. Our expert team will provide you with personalized service that will make the most of your space and your team members.

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