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The statistics of people battling weight challenges continue to soar the world over. Probably you are affected indirectly if not directly. People living with such challenges need love and special care to manage the condition effectively. A bariatric seat can help ease the discomfort that comes with excess weight. Your office chair should be strong enough to support your surging weight. Squeezing on a chair for long office hours can cause other complications in bariatric patients. Bariatric furniture experts can guide you on a suitable seat for you. This guide gives you insights into choosing the right chair for a bariatric patient. Read on.

Bariatric Seating: The Ultimate Guide

Bariatric patients have unique needs. Therefore, ensure you understand whatever needs a patient has before buying them a seat. Besides, there are several types of bariatric seats for different bariatric seating needs. There are those meant for showers, waiting areas, wards… you name it. So, you must know the right seat required.

What is a bariatric chair?

A bariatric chair is a type of chair fashioned to hold a minimum weight of 300+ pounds. There are bariatric chairs that can support weight in the array of 1000 pounds and more. OFW-Bari-MB-Eaxecutive-Chair-White-Angled__06117

Buying Guide to Bariatric Seating

Choosing bariatric seating is not just a matter of looking at the ability to hold the patient’s weight. Other factors go into ensuring bariatric patients have the right chairs that meet their unique needs. Here are crucial factors you should take into account when purchasing a bariatric seat.

Size of patient

Get the correct measurements of your patient to get a chair that fits them. Avoid chairs that look too small, uncomfortable, or too big. Get their waist, leg, abdomen, and chest measurements to be sure what you get them is going to fit. Doing this gives the dealer enough detail to suggest the right size of the chair you require for the patient. The seat height and depth must match the patient’s size to avoid pressure ulcers resulting from uneven weight distribution.

Patient’s physical ability 

Bariatric patients who are physically incapacitated need special chairs. Muscles become weak from inactivity and excess weight. Patients who are weak to rise from their sitting position require a raiser chair that can lift them to a standing position. But again, raiser chairs are suitable for bariatric patients who have enough strength in their legs to stand up. So, it is critical that you find a chair that will have value to the patient when it comes to physical ability.

Body part with bulk weight

Bariatric patients gain weight in different parts of the body. Some have bulk weight from the waist downwards while others on the upper part of the body. The requirements for both cases are different. 

Knowledge of caregiver 

The ability of those assisting the patient in understanding how the equipment works must be put into consideration. Don’t purchase a seat that will give therapists a hard time to use while attending to the patient.OFW-Bari-MB-Executive-Chair-White-Side__44130

Pressure management

Sitting for longer durations in the chair may result in pressure ulcers. If the patient spends most of their time in the chair during the day, consider a seat with pressure control cushions. The bariatric heavy-duty pressure care chair is a good fit for such a patient.

Reclining capability

Does the patient have bulk weight around the stomach? Consider a chair with a back recliner to help spread the weight on the back evenly.


The chair should be easily accessible to the patient. Getting onto the chair shouldn’t be a struggle. Very high chairs are not advised for patients with frail legs. Besides, epileptic attacks may result in serious bodily harm should a patient fall off such a chair. 

Seat design

You may think selecting a bariatric chair with thick cushions will keep the patient comfortable. That is only comfortable when the patient has to spend a few minutes on the chair. Otherwise, it tires spending many hours on end in such a chair. Therefore, choose a shallower seat if the patient will be spending many hours sited. 

Patient population

If you are buying bariatric chairs for a health facility, consider the average patient population per day. Buy enough chairs for the waiting room. The patients won’t stay up shifting body weight from leg to leg for long waiting to be attended to.

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