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What is a co-working space? The concept of co-working or shared office space isn’t new, but it is beginning to sbe popularized as people take on more gig work and side hustles. Office Furniture Warehouse wants to help you figure out the best way for you to work with this guide to co-working spaces in Boca Raton

What is a Co-working Space

The idea of a co-working space is a short-term rental of office space to conduct business. This concept was used in the bullpens of real estate offices, journalism firms, and marketing companies for ages. As generation X and the Millenials hit their stride in the workplace, the concept of gig work and independent contractor work is growing more prevalent. 

There are many options for co-working spaces, and each option fulfills different business needs. You need to research each option and see which one works best for your needs. Some office spaces offer open desks in an open space shared by others. You share resources such as wi-fi, printers, scanners, and similar supplies. 

Other offices offer private office rentals, some by the hour, others by the month. In private office spaces, you’re afforded more privacy. These offices are great for those whose business requires more discretion and confidentiality. 

Co-working Spaces in Boca Raton

There are several spaces already set up in Boca Raton and the surrounding communities. Prices range from $25 per day in some spaces to $150 per week in others. Some locations offer lower prices and virtual business options with a 24-month contract. 

Some of the best office spaces are furnished with high-quality equipment and provide a stylish and comfortable place to do business. More than a few spaces offer refreshments, and the security of a space to work in. 

Co-working Boca 

Co-working Boca offers weekly rentals and includes free coffee and snacks. There are spaces suitable for client meetings, individual projects, or artist workspaces. Co-working Boca is a dog-friendly workspace with copiers, printers, and video equipment for your use. 

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The Flamingo House 

The Flamingo House is an entrepreneur’s dream. They offer studio spaces, hotdesk spaces, community rooms, and private offices. There are options for “Winging it” or just finding a non-traditional space to work in. There are comfortable lounge spots and small corners and cubbies to work in when you just need a touch of quiet isolation to finish an article or write a new chapter in your latest novel. 

The “Social Flock” offers an address for you to base your virtual office out of. A monthly membership gains you a mailbox and one day pass per month. 

The “Greater Flamingo” is a single or double office with a closing glass door, 24-hour access, use of community spaces and resources, along with privacy and other space use benefits. 


Cosuite has office spaces in both Boca Raton and Miami. These spaces offer fully functioning professional spaces for businessmen and women, artists, and consultants to have a base of operations by monthly rental. A rental membership gains you a secure keyfob, with 24-hour access to the space. You’re given a dedicated parking space in the private garage, access to a community kitchen, onsite notary, tech support, and live receptionist. 

5 Things to Consider When Booking Co-working Spaces in Boca Raton

What are some of the top things to consider when booking a Boca Raton co-working space? Read on to find out more.

1. Consider Your Needs

Most offices create an environment with amenities and resources for your use. Make a list of your Needs and your Wants when it comes to a workspace. Some options are deal-breakers if they’re missing, and it’s important not to settle for less than what you need.

2. Look At Location 

Does it make sense for you to work from the location available? There are many options in and around the Boca Raton area. But which one is the most efficient for your needs? If you plan to meet clients in your co-working space, it’s best to ensure ahead of time that a space is available to afford you privacy for your business dealings. 

3. Access

Not everyone is cut out to work a 9-5 job schedule. Does the space you’re considering offer after-hour access? Is the space secure when you’re there alone at night, or early in the morning?

4. Resources 

Some offices require you to pay extra for the little things such as printing services, use of the address or mail system, etc. Are these resources items you are willing to pay for, or are they things you don’t need to make your work happen?

5. Comfort

Everyone works better in different situations. The artist may need someplace to play music and create uninterrupted, while the writer may thrive on the ambient buzz of general busy-ness. Find a location that suits your needs; it’s your business. 

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Home Office Options

While co-working spaces are a great option for those that can afford them, home offices are a more feasible option for some business folks. Most co-working spaces are not kid-friendly and may lack the flexibility that you need. If that is the case, there are resources for furnishing and outfitting your dream office. Contact Office Furniture Warehouse to discuss your needs in your home office. 

Your home office should be efficient and serve all your needs without costing you a fortune. At Office Furniture Warehouse, we specialize in selecting the right furniture for the job, delivering, and setting it up in your space. To shop, check out our warehouses, or our website

Office Furniture Warehouse

Take a look at our blog about setting up your office with comfortable colors and natural light to stave off depression and distraction. Consider sound balance in your space as well. Another blog on our site outlines how selecting the right furniture can boost your work productivity. Contact us today to discuss your specific office needs today. 

We have display warehouses in Boca Raton and in Miami. Keep us in mind for your next office upgrade, or home office set up. 


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