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The Best Office Furniture Store In South Florida Since 1990. We are happy to supply Kendall with new commercial office furniture as well as used desks, cubicles and chairs.


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Office Furniture Warehouse Of Miami has been supplying modern and affordable office furniture with installation. You can build your own space by choosing the pieces you like, receiving a quote in one business day, and getting it delivered within 1 week of purchase.

Why Choose Office Furniture Warehouse For Your Kendall Office?

  • Largest selection of office furniture inventory in Kendall.
  • Save up to 80% every day on used office furniture.
  • Reputation for excellent client care and service 
  • Unparalleled industry experience.
  • Quality office furniture at a competitive price.
  • Fast delivery and installation to your office.
  •  Complimentary office space planning on selected products.
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Kendall Office Furniture Questions

Yes, we’re conveniently located in Miami and provide a prompt, on-time delivery and expert installation followed by the highest level of ongoing service and support in Kendall to accommodate your future business growth and expansion needs.

Yes, we sell used office furniture to many businesses in Kendall. We have desks, chairs and storage space that are all part of our pre-owned office furniture inventory!

Yes, we have decades of experience in office space layout and design and are happy to help you configure office furniture for businesses of all sizes.

Office Furniture Destinction

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Whether you are looking for luxury furniture to create an elegant, high-end look or if you prefer the cool, creative and funky look or the minimalist, high-tech look, you will work closely with our account executives and designers as they coordinate, manage and supervise your project to ensure you are satisfied with the unique office furniture solution we provide.


At Office Furniture Warehouse, we attribute our lasting success to understanding the specialized needs for industry sectors like law firms, real estate, call centers, schools and educational institutions, city, county and state-level government offices, medical doctor offices, banks, financial centers, corporate and executive office centers along with the hotel and travel industry.


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The Office Relocation Tips You Need

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