Refreshing Your Reception Area In 5 Easy Ways

Refresh Your Reception Area

Whenever a company goes through any new office design, the last place they think about is the reception. Yet this is where all clients and visitors get a first impression of who you are as a business. It is where your brand stands out the most, and you want the message to be clear.

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A Good First Impression Is Important

When it comes to a make-or-break moment, the reception area is where it all happens. Think about it carefully. If you walk into a doctor’s office for the first time and the lighting is dim, and chairs are rickety, would you want them to be your doctor? Probably not. The same is said about any company that hasn’t updated the waiting area. If everything isn’t looking up to date, people won’t be too excited to work with you. Furthermore, it can be damaging to your trademark colors and logos itself. Let’s look at the four ways you can refresh the office reception area to make it the most it can be.


Update The Reception Desk And Flooring

It’s a tiny and simple change, but a new front desk for the receptionist will improve everything. Let’s start with considering the office space; this will greatly impact the size of a new desk. Then the height of the desk should also be taking into consideration. A tall desk can be unwelcoming if it’s chest high for the average person. Finally, focus on something low enough to embrace conversation and functional enough for the employee to do their work.

How is your carpet or hardwood floor? If it’s looking worn down, stained, or scuffed, then it is time to change it up. The flooring may not seem important, but a clean and crisp floor is everything when it comes to first impressions. Get creative with area rugs or new carpeting. Incorporate the colors of your brand or have your logo created on a rug. If you prefer the look of hardwood or tile, consider symmetrical patterns to bring a bit of life to the workplace.


It’s All In The Lighting

Lighting can make all the difference. Harsh bright fluorescents are not welcoming, and soft yellow can make folks fall asleep. You want to incorporate natural light as much as possible. Brighten up the area by utilizing sheer curtains to allow sunlight in and keep it cool. You can also rearrange furniture so that guests will get the most out of the sunlight. It’s also been shown that receptionists perform better at work with the use of natural light.

What to do if you don’t have any windows or very few? There are light bulbs that mimic sunlight and can be very beneficial to the room. Smart bulbs usually feature gradient forms of light so that you can choose what works best in the area. This gives you more control when it’s a cloudy and rainy day.


Let Them Relax While They Wait

Office spaces aren’t generally meant for relaxing. Still, the reception area should be, especially if you work in a field where visitors and clients are there for unpleasant business. Consider including a coffee and tea station so that folks can relax while waiting. Magazines are still a welcome sight if people have to wait for a longer time than anticipated. Ensure that they are appropriate for the environment. Business magazines are better for marketing or investing firm rather than the dentist’s office. The right magazine option can add an air of professionalism to the area as well.

Office chairs in reception should be comfortable and sturdy. You want them to last a long time while catering to a variety of different body types. Take into consideration the space as well. For example, would it be beneficial to have a long couch instead of chairs? As long as it fits with your brand and office culture, create the area to keep your clients coming back.

The walls should be adorned with art that compliments the office style and perhaps creates discussion amongst those waiting. It is also great for businesses to buy art from local artists to decorate the reception area. Plants of all sizes work well to create a relaxing atmosphere. Be mindful of size; if you are in a large space, small plants will go unnoticed. Large ones in a small space can be overwhelming. It needs to be just right and compliments the area.


Add A Shared Workspace

It may seem counterintuitive, but creating a shared workspace in your reception area can benefit the business. If you have a large reception area that caters to multiple departments, cubicles that serve as a workstation are wonderful. You can find them with shallow panels or bench style, and many allow for electrical and internet connections. This means if meetings are running late and there is a backlog of folks waiting, they can get their work done. They can tidy up a presentation or respond to emails with ease. Making your space welcoming for business to be conducted is always helpful for your clientele.


Reflect Your Work Culture

People don’t like to work with businesses that misrepresent themselves. So not only is your trademark colors and logos important, your work culture should come into play. If you are a serious business, modern looks tend to be the right look. Fun, unique, and artsy businesses can get away with more light and open reception areas. Think about it like this, if you went to the dentist and the theme was preschooler, would you really want to stay? Probably not. You want people to know what your work culture is like.


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