How To Add Creative Flair To Cubicles

When it comes to business furniture, cubicles tend to elicit very different reactions from people. Some like the privacy they get from cubicles, while others aren’t fans of the popular design. If business owners and employees fall into the latter group,here are a few tips and tricks to spice up cubicle spaces and improve the work atmosphere.

Cubicle Flair and Lighting

According to Forbes, office-dwellers shouldn’t feel locked in with overhead fluorescent lighting. Office supervisors can provide standing lamps with a soft shade to encourage employee productivity. Also, don’t be afraid to add some cubicle flair to your workspace! This could include pictures of your family and friends, a desk quote calendar, and a number of different decorations. Get creative and avoid the dull and gray cubicle look!

Get Rid of the Gray

When people think of a cubicle, one of the first thoughts that comes to mind are grey cubicle walls. Some people are happy with this view, but there are a few easy ways to customize the walls, too. According to Life Hacker, employees and supervisors can make changes as subtle as pinning small postcards and pictures to walls, or as bold as covering walls with colored fabric.

We’ve even seen some people string christmas tree light tastefully around edges or overhangs! If done with discretion, this will add fun lighting to your space without it looking tacky.

Bring Your Office Cubicle To Life! 

Plants and living things – like a low-maintenance betta fish – immediately bring more excitement to any workspace. Business owners can encourage workers to customize their cubicles and enjoy the brand new view. Aquariums do wonders for employee morale and health as well! Even seeing water and marine life can reduce blood pressure, stress levels, and promote more feel-good hormones.